VWCapture - Panopto

About VWCapture 

VWCapture is the lecture and event recording solution currently being deployed across the Virginia Western campus and uses the Panopto Focus software program.  It allows for automatic publication to a dedicated server managed by Virginia Western staff. VWCapture (also known simply as “Panopto”) is centrally administered by Virginia Western's Information and Educational Technologies department in cooperation with Department of Distance Learning and Instructional Technology (DL&IT).

  • The Help Desk provides user support (account and folder creation, basic user troubleshooting).
  • The Media Geeks (the "black sheep" of the IET family) provide the majority of technical support and integration for the system.
  • DL&IT provide training and instructional use support.
  • The Systems Support Group provide server support for the Panopto system

VWCapture (Panopto) started its rollout in August 2010 with a group of faculty beta testers.  Full production implementation was implemented August 1, 2011.

Note: VWCapture cannot be used to record, store or distribute any media that requires HIPAA or FERPA compliance.

Events can be captured with audio, video and computer screen capture, and require no special technical expertise on the part of faculty or others being recorded.

Benefits of VWCapture (Panopto) include the following:

Versatile – VWCapture (Panopto) can capture audio, multiple video sources, and the computer screen in multiple combinations.  Once captured, content is quickly processed into an interactive, searchable web format or an audio or video podcast format.

Manageable – VWCapture (Panopto) allows the instructor to carefully control how and when the media is available to the students. A variety of reports can be generated to help instructors understand how content is being viewed.

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