The Media Geeks provide instructional media support to faculty, staff and students of Virginia Western Community College.

A lot of people ask what that means, so here's a very short and incomplete list of what we do:

  • Design, build and support the multimedia presentation systems in the classrooms (ie: projectors, control & switching, interactive features, etc.)
  • Design, build and support the lecture capture system endpoints, and maintain the software on the servers.
  • Design and maintain the VWtv campus signage system, as well as manage the content displayed.
  • Create video & audio for recruitment, training, advertisement and lots of other things.
  • Record and stream presentations and graduation.
  • Build & maintain systems for archiving, encoding and delivering video and audio.
  • Provide insight and consulting to the campus message delivery through classes, training and online media.
  • Provide support for events and classes on campus (sound, lighting, etc.).
  • Learn and train.  This is the big one.  Together, we review thousands (over 5000 last year) of articles about technology and education.  We bring this information to the rest of the campus community. 

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