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    Matt & Amy 4-23-2008

    Matt & Amy 2

    Ray Childers Elementary

    Jason & Sarah 3-1-2008

    Lambert Boys 10-29-2008

    Caroline & Cameron 11-6-08

    Stewart Kids 11-23-08

    Stewart Kids Favorites

    Taylor Family 11-23-08


    Faith & Corbin 10-02-09

   Vestal Clan 10-03-09

Perry Belly  7-21-10

My interest in photography began years ago when Mom taught me how to use her Minolta camera. I knew I was hooked when I realized I'd rather look at things through the lens of a camera instead of just admiring the view. I find myself always looking for the next shot...

Hopefully my passion and love of photography shows through my photographs. I especially enjoy shooting in Macro (close-up) and I enjoy landscape and scenery photos. Shooting portraits is challenging and so much fun! Each client is 100% different and presents new ideas and photos. I do my shooting on-location. Many local places are just beautiful backgrounds for pictures.  

I also create photo DVDs, or Memory Discs, using digital or film photos and create a beautiful slide show put to music. I have created DVDs for weddings, birthday parties, births of new babies, and goodbye speeches. Please see the link on the left to view a sample video. We will work together to select the best photos for your DVD as well as select music that is appropriate and meaningful for the audience. Please email me with any questions, comments or concerns.

Clients: Please view proofs from photo shoots and email your selections to me.

Potential clients: Please feel free to look around! Email with any questions or comments or to set up appointments.


All images on this site are copyrighted and may not be used for any other purpose.  


All images copyrighted and may not be used for any other purpose.