Welcome to iorate

Iorate was created in 1997 by Vince Westin of EMC (contact as vince.westin@emc.com). While working with Cliff Burrell of Federal Express, there was a need to perform a set of storage I/O benchmarks. Cliff had all the tests in mind, but did not have a tool that could run them. EMC had a tool, but it was for internal use at EMC. So to fill this need, iorate was created.

Iorate is freely available for public use. Though this was developed by EMC staff with EMC resources, the code is available for anyone to use. There are no EMC-specific pieces to the testing, it just tests storage. It has been used by EMC customers around the world. I have also been told of it being used by other storage vendors to confirm customer performance, which is most welcome. Hopefully it will continue to add value to the market.

Use the downloads pages to get a copy to try for yourself. Be sure to read the User Guide and consider using the modeling workbook for constructing new workload models, which can both be found on the downloads page.

Thanks for the current working code go to Cliff Burrell and Don Fike at FedEx. They helped get this off the ground, and Don provided some early support to get our alignment details right in LINUX. Also, several folks within EMC Engineering deserve credit: John Aurin, for long term help and support including driving the creation of the User Guide, and John Adams, for design and code assistance as well as registering the iorate.org address for this site. I am indebted to you all, and many more who have helped across the years.