Below is the current User Guide for iorate. A version for the sub-LUN skew testing (see the beta 3.x download pages) is in process.

Also below is a workbook to help in constructing workload models. The workbook allows for a target workload to be described, which can be from performance metrics on a running application or a model of a new application. Then I/O patterns are applied to approximate this workload. Once the patterns are complete, this provides a model for the data to be used in the pattern and test input files for iorate. The sub-LUN skew information can be added to any test, as it does not require additional modeling. However, workloads with a very high skew and a large cache to test capacity ratio may find that activating the sub-LUN skew will cause a noticeable increase in cache hits, which could require model adjustments if not desired.

The source and some binary images are available from the sub-pages, sorted by release. There are also several versions are available from the EMC FTP site. If you make changes to the source or other materials and find them useful, please share them on the appropriate page, or mail them to Thank you!
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Oct 13, 2011, 6:36 AM
Vince Westin,
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