eBook Novels by Vicki Wootton

Forbidden Worlds        

When the colony ship Pacific Unity emerges from the interstellar portal, the colonists discover they have arrived in the wrong system.  Where are we and how did we end up here? Without this knowledge, they cannot plot a course to their original target. Then there is the question of what is causing the psychic changes in their children, and the cellular changes everyone soon experiences? Contact with Earth brings the news that theirs is the only colony ship that did not return to the home world, another mystery. Increasing tension between the colonists and the permanent inhabitants, the planet's inhabitants, the  Sab’lichi, creates more pressure to find an uninhabited another  world they can settle.

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Reluctant Warriors                                    

How does a nation like Caladon—dedicated to a philosophy of pacifism and non-violence—react when it is attacked? Caladon suffers terrible damage and losses, but they are determined not to revert to the barbaric violence and destruction of war. It requires all their ingenuity and a few natural advantages to vanquish the enemy, but they do not come away without terrible emotional and physical scars.
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Where have all the young girls gone?                             

A worldwide epidemic causes a perilous drop in the female birthrate. The lives of everyone change as they try to adjust to a world in which there aren’t enough women to go around and only one man in twenty has a chance of finding a mate

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Short Stories:

Free downloads: Oh Hell This is how we disappeared.

At War with Terror                                   

What happens when the war on terror goes badly wrong? This book describes some of the abuses that could occur that turn this war on its head, leading to the question, "who are the terrorists and who the victims?" Anyone who professes to fight against terrorism must look within himself for the answer. How far are we
willing to go in this conflict?
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Names of the World   

A compilation of personal names from around the world.
Contains over 90,000 names from more than 140 countries and ethnic groups, including:
African names from 53 countries
New World names from 17 countries and ethnic groups
Asian names from 30 countries
European names from 39 countries and ethnic groups

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About the Author

    Ms Wootton was born in England but came to live in North America at the age
of  nineteen. She has lived all over Canada from Newfoundland to British Columbia,
  Her favorite place is Vancouver. She has also lived in Southern California
and loves Santa Barbara.  She currently lives in Guadalajara, Mexico.

She started writing seriously in 1994 after a versatile career that included
being a galley girl on a sports fishing boat, a law office accountant
and a government contractor, in addition to raising four children. 
She has earned credentials in interior design and
has also studied Graphic design, English, Psychology,  and Nursing.
She is currently working on her 10th novel. Although her favorite
genre is speculative fiction, she has written several
mainstream novels as yet unpublished.

    She has  been an avid reader since she was old enough to have a library card
 and claims to have read between 6,000 and  7,000 books.
She is also very fond of art, graphic design, and web design.