Rebirth by Dr.P. V. Vartak

    I, Dr. P. V. Vartak, a practising Physician and Surgeon, have studied a case of rebirth recently and I am reporting it to the scientific world.

     During December 2003, I understood that there is a small child aged four and half years, named as Akash Amarsinha Rajput, residing at Flat No.1, B Wing, Suruchi Apartment, Manaraj Park, Jalgaon, 425001, Maharashtra, India, who tells memories of his past life. Mr. Deepak Kulkarni, residing at 54 Vivekanand Nagar, Jilha Peth, Jalgaon, 425001, told me on phone about the child and helped me investigate the case.

     I met the child Akash Rajput, at his place on 19th January 2004. I have vedioshooted the interrogations of Akash, his mother, father, grand fathers. Akash told me that he was Kalpesh in the previous birth, was residing at Amalgaon, he died while submerging the Ganesh idol in a river named as Chikhali, afterwards one Mr. Shekhar took out his dead body from the river, he remembers his previous parents, brother Ganesh and sister Yogita. Akash was ready to show me the route to Amalgaon, to his previous home.

    Mr Amarsimha Rajput, the father of Akash, Mrs. Sapana A. Rajput, the mother of Akash and Mr.Babusing Rajput, the grand father of Akash, told me that when Akash was around 18 months old, he began uttering the word ‘Amalgaon’. Nobody could understand what he means by that. Nobody knew that there is a village named as Amalgaon. Some time later Akash told that he is from Amalgaon, his name was Kalpesh and remembers his father and mother who are there in Amalgaon and he wants to meet them. Because nobody knew about Amalgaon they neglected his talk. Later, Akash told that he went for Ganapati immersion and drowned in the river and then came here in Jalgaon. He told that there is a river ‘Chikhali’ with a bridge over it, in Amalgaon and there is a Government dispensary at his place. He told that one Mr. Shekhar removed him (dead body) from the river.

     The maternal grandpa and grandma of Akash, Mr. and Mrs. Pardeshi are primary teachers at Erandole.They reside at Jahangirpura, Erandole,District Jalagaon. Their Tel.No. is 952588.244775. They were listening what Akash used to say often. They too did not know about Amalgaon, though once Akash had told that Amalgaon is towards Chopada. However, once the couple went to meet their friend Mr. Thakare, also a teacher, at his place ‘Nandari’. While going to Nandari on a motorcycle, they noticed a board showing the direction of Amalgaon. Therefore Mr. Pardeshi asked his friend whether there is a village Amalgaon and if so how much distant it is. Amalgaon was a village about 15 kms away from Nandari and M.Thakare was acquainted with some people in Amalgaon. As Mr. Pardeshi told Mr. Thakare what his grandchild tells about Amalgaon, Thakare also got interested and he took Mr. Pardeshi to Amalgaon to his friend there. While going, Pardeshi noticed that there is a river and a bridge at Amalgaon. He also noticed a Government dispensary in Amalgaon. He was convinced about the reality of the words of his grandchild. On inquiry it was confirmed that about ten years ago one boy was drowned in the river while immersing the idol of lord Ganesh.The drowned boy was Kalpesh. Mr. Pardeshi returned without meeting the father of Kalpesh, because he had no proof to show. However, he left his phone number with the person who helped in the inquiry.

     Later, Mr. Choudhari Tulasidas Pitambar, the father of the dead Kalpesh, contacted Mr. Pardeshi and asked him if he can meet Akash Rajput, who is telling the memories of the dead Kalpesh. The meeting was agreed to. Accordingly, on 27th November 2003, Mr. Tulsidas Choudhari, the father, his wife Mrs. Nirmala, i.e. the mother of Kalpesh, Dhanraj, the uncle, aunt, her husband Mr. N.N.Choudhari of Chalisgaon, the maternal uncle, Mr. Appa Choudhari, etc went to Rajput’s home. Actually the meeting was fixed on Tuesday, the 25th November, 2003. But the Choudharis did not turn up. So Babusing Rajput said, ‘how did they not come?’ Listening to that Akash suddenly said, ‘they will come day after tomorrow’. Actually the Choudharis came on Thursday, the 27th Nov.2003. When they arrived Akash was in his school, Saint Joseph. He is at present in Junior KG. The Choudharis waited till Akash came home. On coming he stared at them and recognized that they are from Amalgaon and had come to meet him. Akash recognized the father and the mother of Kalpesh. The mother of Kalpesh, Nirmala took Akash on her lap and began weeping. Akashwiped her tears and said, ‘ why are you weeping now? Now I have come. Don’t weep’. She asked, ‘what is your name?’. Akash told, ‘Banti’. In fact the nick name of Kalpesh was Banti. She asked, ‘why did you not meet me for a long time?’ Akash said, ‘ Ma, I am meeting you’. She admitted to me that Kalpesh was meeting her in her dreams often. and was telling her that he has come again. Further she told me that once in a dream Kalpesh asked her ‘why did you bury me ? See, I am covered all over with mud. Please take me out.’ She told , ‘because you died we buried you.’ He said , ‘ I am not dead’.

     The father Choudhari asked Akash, ‘your friend’s name was Kalpesh, is not it?’ He denied and said, ‘ my friend was Gourav and my name was Kalpesh.’

     When I asked Akash how he was drowned? , he told that he went to immerse Ganapati. ‘I put the idol in water, Ganapati went down, then my head, then feet and hands went in the river.’ With action he explained the fact. I asked whether his father or mother did not accompany him for the immersion? He told that they were at home, the mother was preparing sweets, the ‘Modakas’. The parents admitted that they did not go for immersion. Akash told me the time of death as 3 o’clock. It was confirmed by the parents. Akash tells that it was a day of bazar when he drowned. It is true. Kalpesh died of drowning on 6th September 1992, during Ganapati festival. Birth date of Kalpesh is 16-5-1986, 14-20. Birth date of Akash 26-6-1999, 13.55.
     Choudharis had come well prepared to test Akash. They showed him some photographs out of which Akash recognized his brother Ganesh, sister Yogita, uncle, aunt, grandfather of Kalpesh. Aunt asked him who she was? He told that she was an aunt of Chalisgaon, who used to take him in a rickshaw. It was true. Showing a photo the uncle of Kalpesh said, ‘this is Baba of Patonda’ But Akash denied firmly and told it was a photo of grandfather of Amalgaon.

    Akash told that there was a dispensary near his home. It was true that there was that dispensary of the uncle of Kalpesh, but since his death there is no dispensary.

    Looking at the photo of Ganesh, the elder brother of Kalpesh, Akash told that he was his elder brother Ganesh Dada and now Ganesh has become an engineer. How could Akash tell that Ganesh has become an engineer? When Kalpesh died, Ganesh was a school boy. Ganesh became engineer much later. It shows that the Pranamaya Kosh or the Soul of Kalpesh was observing after physical death.

    Rajputs took Akash to Amalgaon for investigations, on 25 Dec.03. When they reached the stand of Amalgaon, Akash recognized the father of Kalpesh in the crowd. He recognized brother Ganesh, the youth Shekhar who had removed his dead body from the river. He showed the way to his home, recognized his home, showed important things from various rooms, showed the place where Ganapati was installed, told about the grinder which was used by uncle, recognized many relatives in the photos, inquired about the friend of Kalpesh, named as Gaurava and when he arrived recognized him in the crowd of about 5000. Akash was ready to show the place of drowning, but the parents did not allow because of sentiments. However Akash showed me the place. Akash told many memories of Kalpesh and the whole village got satisfied of the rebirth. Relatives and parents of Kalpesh were convinced that Akash really was their Kalpesh ten years ago.

    On 25-12-03 the sister Yogita was not present in Amalgaon. She is a school teacher at Mumbai. She came with her husband on 26-12-03 and directly went to Rajput’s home. Akasha recognized her immedialtey, and called her ‘Yogita Didi’. Then whole day he was chitchatting with her telling many memories of Kalpesh, by which Yogita was convinced that he remembers incidents in the life of Kalpesh.Akash did not allow her to go away from him.Akash could not recognize her husband because she had married after the death of Kalpesh.

     The husband of an aunt of Kalpesh took him to Chalisgaon, where Akash showed the house of the aunt and told many incidents from that house eg falling in a pit, a swing was hung to a tree of Seetaphal, hide and seek play with sister, his friend, a neighbourer, etc. Akash inquired about the change in the house of Gods saying some new images are placed therein. He questioned about the bottle of oil and its usual place.Akash told that once the aunt prepared Laddus which were so hard that they were broken by stone. All were convinced that Akash was Kalpesh in the last life.

    Because of the memories of Kalpesh, almost 85, were told by Akash, the two families, the Rajputs of Jalagaon and the Choudharies of Amalgaon, have come very close, almost close relatives. Actually, the Rajputs are Kshatriya while the Choudharies are Teli or Vaishya by cast.

    Presence of Soul who can see even after death is proved by this case. It is also proved that memories can be preserved and transferred without brain...