Achievements of the Ancient Hindus (Indians)

Achievements of the Ancient Hindus (Indians)
From Books of Dr.P.V. Vartak
Medical Sciences

Sr.No. Knowledge Ancient Reference  Modern Reference 
1 Plastic Surgery to repair nose by a skin flap of  forehead    Sushruta (4000 - 2000 B.C.E)            A German Surgeon (1968 A.D.)
2 Artificial Limb  RigVed (1-116-15)  20th Century
3 Chromosomes                               Gunavidhi - Mahabharata 5500 BC 1860-1910 A.D.
4 Number of Chromosomes 23 Mahabharat-5500 BCE     1890 A.D.
5 Combination of Male and Female chromosomes in zygote                         Shrimad Bhagawat  (4000-2000 B.C.) 20th Century
6 Anatomy of Ears                    RigVed  / Bhagwata   Labyrinth-McNally 1925
7 Beginning of  Foetal Heart in recogizing directions the second month of pregnancy Eitereya Upanishad   6000 BC
Shrimad Bhagawata
Robinson, 1972
8 8) Parthenogenesis Reproduction from female alone - Kunti & Madri - Pandavas                   Mahabharata    5500 BC         20th Century
9 9) Test Tube Babies    
10    a) from the ovum only             Mahabharata           Not possible yet
11   b) from the sperm only            Rigveda & Mahabharata           Not possible yet
12    c) from both ovum and sperm      Mahabharata            Steptoe, 1979
13 Elongation of Life in Space Travel              Shrimad Bhagwat  1652 BC       Not yet confirmed
14 Cell Division (in 3 layers)         Shrimad Bhagwat 1652 BC       20th Century
15 Embryology                                   Eitereya Upanishad   6000 BC         19th Century
16 Micro-organisms                               Mahabharata                18th Century
17 Material producing  disease  can prevent or cure the disease  given in minute quantity Bhagwata (1-5-33)    Hanneman,18thCent.
18 Developing Embyro in Vitro.         Mahabharata 20th Century
19 Life in trees and plants            Mahabharata Bose,19th century.
20 16 Functions of the Brain           Eitereya Upanishad      19-20th Century
21 Definition of Sleep                      Prashna-Upanishad, 6000BC Patanjali Yogasootra, 5000BC      20th Century
22 Cloning of an animal Rigveda  
23 Cloning of a man Pruthu from dead King Vena not yet done
24 Cloning from cells in  Blood of Ahiravan body fluid Puranas May 1999- Japan 
25 Lacrymal Duct connecting eye to nose Shown in Shiva Temple at Halebid, to men  on doorframe, 10th cent. 20th century AD
26 Eustachian Tube connecting Internal ear to pharynx         Shown in Shiva Temple at Halebid,  to Shivaganas on doorframe. 20th century AD
27 Thirst & Hunger to foetus in the 5th month of pregnancy. Bhagawata - 1652 BC not yet understood
28 Death depends on Apana Vayu begins in 2nd month of pregnancy Aitereya Upanishad - 6000BC not yet understood
29 Foetus has thinking ability Aitareya Upanishad 7000 BC Sept. 2009 Dr.Bruner
Physical Sciences
Sr.No. Knowledge Ancient Reference  Modern Reference 
1 Velocity of Light              RigVed
Sayana Bhashya (1400 A.D)                  
19th Century
2 Trans-Saturnean Planets        Mahabharata (5561 B.C)   17-19th Century
3 Space Travel to another solar system        Shrimad Bhagwat (4000 B.C)  Under Trials
4 Gravitational Force         Prashnopanishad (5761 B.C)
Adi Shankaracharya (500 B.C or 800 AD)
Newton 17th Century
5 Ultravoilet Band               Sudhumravarna (Mundak)  
6 Infra-red Band Sulohita (Mundakopanishad)     
7 Tachyons faster than light  Manojava (Mundakopanishad) Sudarshan, 1968
8 Nuclear Energy Spullingini (Mundakopanishad) 20th Century.
9 Black Holes Vishvaruchi (Mundakopanishad) 20th Century
10 Monsoon at Summer Solstice  RigVed (23720 B.C)          
11 Entry in South America by Aeroplanes          Valmiki Ramayana  >7300 B.C           
12 Phosphorescent Trident at the Bay of Pisco, Peru,  South America     Valmiki Ramayana   recorded  Found in 1960 A.D.
13 Aeroplanes                     RigVeda   15000BC
Ramayana 7300 BC
Mahabharata 5561 BC
Samarangan Sutradhara (1050 A.D.)                
20th Century
14 Robot                          Samarangan Sootradhara  1050 AD Ramayana - Kumbhakarna 7300 BC 20th century
15 Atom (Divisible)               Shrimad Bhagwata (4000 B.C.) Dalton (Indivisible)1808 A.D.
16 Subatomic Particles (Electron,Proton,Neutron)                                  Bhagwat(4000 BC)
Divisible -    Bequerel, 1897
Thomas Rutherford 1911
17 Quarks                                         Param-Mahan  Dr. Jain Pyarelal 1980
18 Genesis of Universe (Nasadeeya Sootra) RigVed (>10000 B.C.) Gamaow, (1950) Sir Bernard Lowell 1975
19 Atom Bomb Mahabharata  Brahm-Astra 3rd Nov.5561 B.C 6th Aug.1945 A.D.
20 Sound Energy used to powder materials Mahabharata (Vajrastra) Gavreau, 1964
21 Mercury as energy source for aeroplanes         Samrangan Sutradhara 1050AD Indian Express, 20-10-1979 
22 North Pole Valmiki Ramayan 7000BC Piery, 1909 A.D
23 Antartica Ravana Valmiki Ramayan >7300 BC  Piery, 1950 A.D
24 Premordial matter from  which the universe emanated          RigVed (>10000 B.C.) (Ambha)     20th Century  (Ylem)
25 Formations of premordial  matter (Abhu-Nasadeeya) Gas Drops RigVed (>10000 B.C)      Gammow, 1950
26 Natural Cycle of Water RigVed  &  Valmiki Ramayan 19th Century
27 Electricity (DC) Mitra-Varuna-Teja / Agasti   18th Century
28 Water Analysis by electricity (2H 2+ O2) Agasti (Prana+Udana)    19th Century
29 Electroplating             Agasti                  19th Century
30 Flying by H2 in a ballon Agasti  
31 Vega becoming Pole Star during 12000 BC Mahabharata (Vanaparva 230) 20th Century
32 Seven Colors in sunrays        RigVed (8-72-16)            
33 Black Spots on the Sun Valmiki Ramayana & Vedas  >7300           
34 Temporary Bridge on Sea  Valmiki Ramayana  26-30 October 7292 BC           
35 Equinox's and Solstice's       RigVed (10-18-1)  25000BC            
36 Meteors "Ulka" AtharvaVed (19-9)  7000BC  
37 Pythagorus Theorm Sulbha Sootra (800 BC)     Pythagorus, 500 BC
38 Comet   Rigveda, (at Mula Nakshatra)
V. Ramayan 7000BC at Mula Nakshatra
 Mahabharata 5561 BC at Pushya Nakshatra       
39 Mars in Aldebaren                       Valmiki Ramayana 7000 BC                    not occured in last 9000 
40 Saturn in Aldebaren Mahabharata 5561 BC not happened again yet
41 "Breathing" of a Star RigVed (Nasadeeya Sukta) Gamov, 1950
42 Gravity and Heat Production in a Star  RigVed (Nasadeeya) Gamov, 1950
43 Order of origin -  space, gases, heat, water and earth RigVed, Upanishads          
44 Life of Earth Mahabharata, Puranas
3.456 X 10^10 years 
Salim, Jogesh Pati, 1980
10^10 years -Sir Lowell
45 Life of Electron =Brahmdeva 1.2 x 10^15 years  
46 Life of Hari i.e. Proton 1.9 x 10^25 years 10^30 years
47 12 Signs of zodiac Rigveda 23920 BC
Prashnopanishad 5761 BC
400 BC
48 Layers of Atmosphere according to specific gravity V. Ramayan (Kish.8)   
49 Microscope Mahabharata Shanti 15/26(5500 BC)       16th Century
50 Spectacles=Upanetra          Adi Shankaracharya-Aparoksha-Anubhuti 81at least 8th century A.D.                 16th Century
51 Time scale different on different planets Mahabharat/Bhagawata/Vyasa >1600BC 20th century.
52 Non-rusting Iron Beginning of Christian Era not yet done
53 Musical Stone Pillars 1000 AD and earlier not yet done
54 Stationary Sun  appears   moving            Arya Bhatta-  First century AD 16th century
Jnaneshwar 13 century AD
55 No land, only sea, between The Pillar of Somnath Temple & Antarctica 10th century AD. 20th century AD
56 Giraffe from Africa Carved in Konark Sun Temple before 10th century AD 15th century AD
57 Paint technology Ajantha paints did not fade  Modern paints fade in 
58 Carving technology Ellora Shiva Temple carved 2000 yrs ago, from one hill not done
59 Phonetic script Vedas > 23000 BC not done
60 Solar eclipse - cause Vedas > 23000 BC 16th century
61 End of total eclipse RigVeda Solar Netra (Eye) Diamond ring                    
62 Arundhati gone ahead of Vasisth Mahabharata 5561 BC 2011 AD
63 Abhijit (Vega) slipped Noted in Mahabharat 5561BC fall began at 20,000 BC recently noted
when? not known.
64 Week system Taittiriya Samhita 8357 BC A.D.
65 WeekDay-names Taittiriya Samhita 8357 BC A.D.
66 Planet distances Taittiriya Samhita 8357 BC 16th century
67 Cause of New Moon day Vedas > 20,000 BC Wrong name-Moon not new
68 Eclipses seen on all planets Vedas > 20,000 BC 2009 AD
69 Mind different from brain Vedas > 20,000 BC 2009 AD
70 Life after death Vedas > 20,000 BC not sure still.
71 Transfer of embryo Sankarshana >5626 BC 20th century.
72 Out of Earth Ambareesh [thrown (EEsh) in sky (Ambar)]  Vishwamitra >Ramayan of 7300 BC 1956 AD.
73 Dinosaur reported Mahabharata 5500 BC 20th century
74 Cloning of mind      Impossible- stated in Rigveda Dreams to do
75 Squares, Cubes, Roots Yajurveda - Rudra > BC era 16th century