VVA Chapter 313 Members "THEN"

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 A2C Floyd Carmichael, USAF, Tan Son Nhut AB, March 67. Replacing a panel on a RF-101 Vodoo

Sgt. Floyd Carmichael, USAF, Phu Cat AB, 26 January 68. Heading back to the world.

LCpl Robert Vaxter, USMC, January 69, C Company 3rd Tanks, Quang Tri

A1C Philip M. Savage and Shep, USAF, in the sand at Tuy Hoa, 66

 A1C Philip M. Savage, and Shep, USAF, on the Beach at Twilight.

Tuy Hoa, 66.

Herb "Stinger" Schafer, USAF, 1969. A little fuzzy so here is another.

Herb "Stinger" Schafer, USAF, in Special Ops school.

Cpl Lynn Savage (middle), USMC, Nam Phong, Thailand, 72


Cpl Lynn Savage (right), USMC, Nam Phong, Thailand, 72

Terry Ivey, USA,
in front of his bunker at LZ Bayonet on the ridge above Chu Lai, January 1970

Terry Ivey, USA,

Just came across a rice paddy, see his pants are wet.

Terry Ivey, USA

Some friendlies, we hope, while we are on patrol.