This is the home page of VUSH - the Albanian Evangelical Alliance.
The Vush organization is the representative of all the Evangelical and Protestant churches of Albania, (over 78 at the moment). We are part of the European- and the World Evangelical Alliance, and our mission is 
"to bring the Gospel to every Albanian and beyond". 

Every three years the Assemble of all members choose themselves a new executive committee, and for the period 2013-2016 these are the members: 
  1. President - Pastor Ali Kurti
  2. Vice President - Pastor Hervin Fushekati
  3. General Secretary - Pastor Akil Pano
  4. Vice Secretary General - Ms Elona Prroj
  5. Treasurer - Mr Majlind Gegprifti
  6. Member Mr Gentian Tupe
  7. Member Mr Meriton Cungu

Vush' objective is to serve the churches, to be used as a tool to connect and strengthen the Christian society, and organize activities that help us establish that.
We are open for cooperation with other organizations that share the same vision. 

Unfortunately we do not have all information in English, but for everything you need to know you can reach us as follows:
tel.    : 00355 (0) 422 34 967
email :