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Welcome to the website of Vulcan Properties. We buy, rehab, and rent houses in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

It's safe to say the housing market is back!  We offer good families a chance to stop renting and build a future through home ownership.  Many people don't know that you can deduct most of your mortgage payments; you'll get about another $1000 back every year!  They also don't know how much less a mortgage payment is every month than rent.  Surely you'd rather have pay a lot less per month, get thousands in your pocket at tax time and be paying on a home of your own than keep renting.

The trouble with all this is you can't get a mortgage if your credit isn't great. Or at least you think you can’t.  We have two ways you can become the owner of a great home.

1.  Buy Now Through Owner Financing

We will owner-finance you a great home for a lot less than rent.  Owner-financing means we are giving you the loan to buy a house instead of the bank.  You pay a monthly payment for your house that’s at least $50-100 less than rent would be.

It gets better.  We will work with you to build credit so you can turn the owner financing into a bank loan.  When we do that your payment goes down up to 35% more.

Just like when you rent, there is a deposit required to owner-finance.  Actually it’s not a deposit, it’s a down payment.  The amount varies by house but it is nothing but payment toward the house so it is still your money, it’s just invested in the house.  If and when you sell the house you get that equity back.  If you are getting a tax refund there is no wiser way to use it than this.

2. Rent to Own

If you are not quite sure you are ready to buy a particular house, we will be glad to rent it to you.  Then in a few months we can arrange a purchase when you are ready.

Right now we have five houses available, with more coming.  Please click the “Available Houses” link for information on each one.

Feel free to call us at 205-291-8526 or click "Contact Us" to the left.