TransNorm is a research project on the reception and perception of same-sex families in different institutional contexts. The study is funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship and conducted by Tanja Vuckovic Juros at Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain).

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TransNorm research project examined transformations of family norms through cross-border exposure to different family models. It focused on the LGBT migrants from selected Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries with a constitutional same-sex marriage ban (Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary), but who now live in same-sex families in Belgium or in the Netherlands, the first two countries to legalize same-sex marriage and adoption.

This case study explored how intercultural contact can improve reception of an institutional innovation such as same-sex family. This project was based on in-depth interviews with two groups sustaining ties across borders: (1) the CEE gays and lesbians in same-sex marriage or raising children with a same-sex partner in Belgium or in the Netherlands, and (2) their non-migrant family members, friends and neighbours in home communities.

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Presentation of the project's results in the organization of the Croatian Sociological Association (Zagreb, 06.06.2019.)

Shortened version of the lecture broadcasted by the Third Program of the Croatian Radio.

(in Croatian, audio only)

June 2019

Lecture organized by the Croatian Sociological Association (HSD) 'Transformation of Family Norms in a Transnational World. Presentation of Results of the TransNorm Project', Zagreb, Croatia

May 2019

Invited presentation 'Kako kontekst oblikuje iskustva LGB roditeljstva', Rainbow Families Conference, Zagreb, Croatia

September 2018

Presentation 'Balancing the Personal and the Public across Borders: How LGB Migrants Manage ‘Otherness’ in Different Institutional Contexts', ESA Midterm Conference: Theoretical and empirical reflections on social disorganisation and “otherness” in modern European societies. Łódź, Poland

June 2018

Invited Workshop 'Emotionality and Moral Struggles of Everyday Life: The Case of Transnational Families of Same-Sex Partners', IUC Course ‘Social Work & Social Policies‘ - Politics of intersectionality and emotions, Dubrovnik, Croatia

April 2018

Organization of the international conference: The Political in the Personal: Families and Sexualities in Times of Social Change in Europe, with Ken Plummer and Judit Takács as keynote speakers.

February 2018

Presentation 'The Burden of the Blank Slate. Reflecting on the Methodological Challenges of an Outsider', 2nd European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Leuven, Belgium

August 2017

Presentation 'The Promise of Transnational Europe for the LGB Migrants: The Management of Stigmatized Identities and the Transformation of Family Norms', European Sociological Association's conference, Athens, Greece

March 2017