Vinci Team for Epic Ancestor Mapping

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Recent scholarly research by Dr. Felice Vinci indicates that the origin of the Homeric epics centers around the Baltic Sea, not the Mediterranean. We seek to retrace the Achaean voyage to Troy, as described in the Iliad, given Vinci’s theory.Along the way we will re-read the Homeric textual landscape that existed in the ancient Baltic via modern day observation.The goal is to expand and improve our understandings of historic identities and the ways in which they intersect with our own experience of places and people.

Contributions to this project of any size are greatly appreciated. For more information about giving click on Donor Information. Contributors of $250 or more will recieve an interactive CD-ROM documenting the voyage.

The V-TEAM is Sophia Friedson-Ridenour, Caleb Morfit, John Hambley, Dane Klinger, and Professor Bill Mullen.