What is the Vermont biomass-to-biofuels course? The goal of this project is to provide a framework for teaching and learning about biomass energy in the state of Vermont and the surrounding region.   The objective is to provide a tool to learn and teach about the opportunities and best practices for harvesting, cultivating, processing, and using biomass energy resources for heat and power. The course is being coordinated by Vermont Technical College and is supported by a grant from the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund.
Who would use this course?  The course materials are provided for use by experts or others familiar with the field of biomass energy to present introductory workshops or teach a formal course.  The materials can also be used by others- community leaders, teachers, facility managers, farmers, etc. - who are interested in self-guided learning or in leading a introductory discussion of biomass energy within their community, school, or business. 
How can the course materials be used?  The course is presented as a set of modules tha begin with an introduction to biomass energy and continue on to more depth in the areas of solid biomass and liquid biodiesel.  Included are lecture/discussion slides, reading materials, exercise questions, and multimedia materials. The materials have been structured to allow a user to download the different documents and use them for individual study or in a group learning environment.  Exercise questions are provided to check learning assessment and exercise the knowledge. We strongly encourage feedback and contributions to this site to continuously improve the materials (see Contact Us)
The course is geared toward the state of Vermont and surrounding region and draws heavily from the technical work of organizations such as the Biomass Energy Resource Center, NREL, UVW Extension, Pelheat, and others.
The course is currently under development and the resources are incomplete. A more complete set of materials is due to be posted by June 30 2011.
This project is supported by a grant from the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund.  The support and efforts of partners such as the Biomass Energy Resource Center and faculty at UVM Extension are gratefully acknowledged