Welcome to Vermont 2008

Check out how much fun we had in '07!                                

Thank You Campers, for making VT 2007 the best year we've had so far!   We had a blast! 


 We hiked to the bottom of Hamilton Falls.  Everyone dared each other to dive in, so we all jumped in together!  You can't even imagine how freezing it was.


                                                                                                    Pictures curtesy of Bethany                                                                                                                                                                   

 We had an awesome breakfast at Stoddards before we went food shopping.

They never had so much business on one weekday morning! 

Later, the girls wowed us with a fantastic Murder Mystery dinner, complete with costumes and props.  We had fabulous kebabs, salad, vegies and Sangria!  We got clues to figure out who got killed, where, why and how.  By the way, It was Bethany, who killed Tony with a sharp stick because, well.........you don't wanna know.










Not to be  outdone, the guys created a saloon and invited us "city folk" for the best chili I've ever tasted!  They started with a balloon fight, invited us into the saloon and treated us just like we were locals.  Yeehaw!  After dinner, we followed an old map and found Cowboy ChubbChubb's  buried treasure!  The girls were so impressed, they forfeited!









 When it rained, no one whined.  We WINED instead, with a game of flipcup!  I never played before, but we definitely had fun, even though we were soaking wet!  The girls kicked butt on that game and Diana played a few games too many!  




  Team "Less is More" won the triathalon .  Mike had to race across the river, Diana ran like the wind, Bethany ate the dog biscuit and whistled and Cristen led team to victory by solving the clues!  Yes, I said Bethany ate a dog biscuit.  A peanut butter one.  (So did Josh, Mai and Kat).  Not bad for a newbie.  Oh yeah, and congrats to the newbies!  You went the distance!  Bethany, Mike, and Kat each won the newbie award because they were all fabulous!    Julie won "fire Marshall Bill", Tony and John were our lumberjacks,   and Stevo won the happy camper award.  All of you should pat yourselves on the back because you all survived VT2007!   I'm proud of all of you!  Love ya, MommaDukes 

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                                                            Bye y'all!  See ya next year!