Code of Ethics

As Educational Office Professionals, we affirm our belief that an education is the right of every child and pledge ourselves to the preservation of that right.  We recognize the special province of the professional educator and the significance of the responsibilities he/she assumes.  We also recognize the unique role of the educational office professionals and the importance of the contribution he/she makes.

Commitment to the Profession

We believe that the quality of service rendered by educational office professionals directly influences the effectiveness of service to students in schools.  For that reason, we look to our professional association by offering quality in-service workshops and professional activities, leadership in raising the standards of educational office professionals and preparing them to meet the challenges of a changing world.  In fulfilling our commitment to the profession, we shall:

  1. Become and remain active members of our professional associations, viewing such memberships as an opportunity for personal development;
  2. Encourage other educational office professionals to join their professional associations, recognizing that growth is essential to group strength and progress;
  3. Acknowledge that a professional is held responsible for the conduct of its members, realizing that by our actions as individuals the profession may be judged;
  4. Interest others in careers as educational office professionals, bringing into our ranks capable and efficient individuals.