Administrator of the Year

Each year the Vermont Association of Educational Office Professionals asks members to nominate an educational administrator who deserves recognition by our association for their support of educational office professionals, their support of VAEOP and their experience and contributions to education in general.  The Administrator of the Year committee solicits applications in the spring and makes a selection.  The announcement is made annually at the VAEOP Spring Conference and the presentation of the award takes place in October at the Annual Fall Conference.  If you have a special administrator that you would like to nominate, be sure to complete the application and submit by the March 1st deadline! 

The application is located below.  Please be sure to click on the DOWNLOAD ARROW to get the full form.

2018 Administrator of the Year - Tisha Hankinson

Nominated by 
 Enid Ellis, Marcia Therrien, Karen Aubrey  - Caledonia North SU


Tisha Hankinson has been at Caledonia North Supervisory Union for just under four years. Many changes and challenges have taken place under her guidance. She succeeded a long time business manager who was well respected in his field. From the very beginning, she strived to learn all that she could from him which she did very quickly. The SU never missed a beat. Shortly after joining the SU, she learned that it was in jeopardy of losing federal funds with the accounting software being used.  A decision had to be made to find and transition the accounting and student information systems to new software.  Through this long and often painful process, she was always there for us - learning as we were learning, sharing whatever she could with us, and reassuring us when we all wondered if this was really going to work. Soon after Tisha started, our superintendent became very ill and was unable to work. The superintendent's duties were distributed among Tisha and two other administrators. This added much to her already overflowing responsibilities. She once again rose to the situation. She never complained, was able to complete her business manager duties, as well as her share of the superintendent's duties, and continued to be available for her staff. She always made us feel that our questions or needs were just as important as any of her other responsibilities.


Then, along with a new superintendent, the challenge of school consolidation  arose.  CNSU is the  first SU in the state to not only merge, but add two new towns to form a larger, consolidated district. Each week something new surfaces which adds more "hiccups" to this consolidation process.  Once more, Tisha has shown her incredible ability to juggle multiple tasks and still be constantly available not only to her staff, but to others in the SU who need her expertise.  Tisha encourages us to continue to learn. She never hesitates approving our requests to attend a VAEOP conference and has even been an evaluator for VAEOP twice during her time at CNSU. She also supports professional development and is willing to make accommodations to  meet our  needs,  whether it  is taking a webinar, networking with others, or purchasing equipment to  make our  workflow more productive.


In addition to the Business Manager duties, Tisha has continued her own professional development. She is an active member of the Vermont Association of School Business Officials {VASSO), having served in the past as their secretary, vice president, president-elect, president and past president. She is also currently serving as a Tri-State ASBO Conference Committee member.  Her respect of everyone she encounters has earned her the respect of all who encounter her. Her ability  to communicate well with all of us at the  SU, the  administration and teachers at all the schools, the school boards, the public as well as the local newspaper has been well noticed and needed.  She is always willing to answer the  many emails she receives  with many different types of  questions - whether it is presenting a thirty million dollar plus budget to the public or describing the new VEHI health plans - Tisha is clear and concise in her explanations.

Tisha puts in endless hours and always conducts herself professionally. She is open-minded, warm and supportive. She makes everyone feel that they are an important part of the team. As crazy as her days are, she always thanks each of us for all that we do as we leave for the day.  We are very pleased that she recently applied for and accepted the position of Director of Finance for Kingdom East Unified Union School District. Through all the trials of the previous 4 years, Tisha has maintained her upbeat personality and sense of humor. Most days she relates a humorous anecdote from the previous day, other days she instigates the laughs - just ask anyone in our office for a pen.........

2017 Administrator of the Year - Brent Kay  

Nominated by Linda Lubold - Orange Southwest SU

Brent takes great pride in our students and schools in the Orange Southwest Supervisory Union and is a wonderful advocate for students, teachers, board members and support staff.   He inspires and encourages everyone to be their best.  He always supports and encourages professional development for all teachers, support staff and board members.

Brent is well known to all our children.  He makes a point to visit each school and interact with the students several times a year.  One of the children’s (and his) favorite visit is on Halloween when he visits each school dressed up in his yearly pick of costume!  All of the kids and staff look forward to this visit complete with candy treats!

Brent has been a senior project mentor for several students for the high school’s senior project requirement for high school graduation.  He has mentored them on various woodworking projects that the student has chosen to do.  He is very committed and dedicated to our schools, students & the Randolph, Braintree & Brookfield communities and goes way beyond his duties as superintendent.

Being one of the most “senior” superintendents in Vermont, Brent has mentored several administrators around the state and beyond.  Brent is very active in the Vermont Superintendent’s Association, Winooski Valley Collaborative Schools, and the Green Mountain Forest Collaborative.  He has served as chair of the Central Vermont Regional Administrators Standards Board for many years.  Brent is often sought out by many organizations in addition to our legislators for his expertise and vast knowledge of the educational systems.

Brent strives for our schools to provide our students with the knowledge, skills and tools to be prepared for the next stage of their lives which justify the resources invested by the community.  Brent deserves a lot of credit for keeping our budgets in amazing shape with very minor budget increases with an average of less than one half of one percent (.45%) over the last 10 years.


Brent has always supported our Administrative Assistants at our supervisory union and in our schools to attend VAEOP conferences and any professional development opportunities that will assist them in their present positions or advance them in their careers either in our supervisory union or in other walks of life they wish to pursue.  He is a huge advocate for continued learning opportunities and actually teaches some college courses himself. 

Brent is very happy that we have been hosting the VAEOP board meetings at our SU’s central location.   He always offers to provide refreshments or anything else that we might need.  He recognizes the value for his Administrative Assistant to be on the VAEOP board and the importance of networking with others in similar positions in our schools and SUs.  

Brent is the most supportive, personable, fair, thoughtful & fun administrator that I have ever worked with!  The Orange Southwest Supervisory Union is very fortunate to have such a wonderful superintendent!


Brent received the honor of being the 2014 Superintendent of the Year for Vermont.  


Naomi Strada,
Jan 19, 2017, 9:41 AM