March 31st: Art in Odum, 3rd Floor Gallery Opening

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New Yearbook Digitized: The Pine Cone, 1967

posted Feb 24, 2014, 7:06 AM by Valdosta State Archives

Pinecone 1967
"One of the truest measures of the life of an institution is growth...either through the physical expansion of the campus and the student body or throughout the intellectual growth of the faculty and staff. The dynamic physical and intellectual growth, which has characterized Valdosta State in recent years, is proof of the vibrancy of the college's academic life. Symbolic of this growth in 1967 was the largest student enrollment in the history of the college, the largest and finest faculty, and the appointment of Dr. S. Walter Martin as VSC's new President...."

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New Yearbook Digitized: The Pine Cone, 1966

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"Just One Year
A year to laugh, cry, and grow to remember.
Counted in heartbeats, raindrops, falling stars and seconds. Measured as the crow flies.
Recorded in the moon and
Played in the

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Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections now has an active Twitter Account. Follow us for updates on new projects, historic pictures, old news articles, and all things related to the History of Valdosta State University.

Babylonian Clay Tablets Website Updated

posted Jan 2, 2014, 11:25 AM by Valdosta State Archives
The Babylonian Clay Tablets of the Valdosta State University Archives is one of the University's most prized collections. As the oldest legal documents in the State of Georgia, these tablets are priceless historical artifacts. Originally purchased in 1920 by VSU's first president, Dr. Richard Holmes Powell, the tablets have been studied by students at VSU for decades. The Babylonian Clay Tablet Collection was one of the first websites the Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections created back around the turn of the century. Not surprisingly, it was in need of a serious update. So, we are pleased to announce the new version is online and ready for the new semester!

New Yearbook Digitized: Pine Cone 1964

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—A year of progress and change at
Valdosta State College has come and
—A year of new things begun and traditional
things cherished.
As we see new buildings rise to completion
and become a part of the campus
scene, so we see our college year unfold
and become a part of our experience.
The Pine Cone Staff hopes to make
this year memorable not only for its
major events, but for the small commonplace
things that make life on this
campus unique.
Here is your year—1964—at Valdosta
State College.

New Digital Collection: The Campus Canopy

posted Dec 9, 2013, 12:44 PM by Valdosta State Archives

The Campus Canopy Digitization Project is now underway in the Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections. The Campus Canopy, now called "The Spectator," has been Valdosta State's student newspaper since it's first publication on November 14, 1934 at the Georgia State Womans College. The Campus Canopy and Spectator staff have chronicled the years at Valdosta State by week for nearly 80 years! We are excited to bring this rich, historical resource to you. We are using our home-made book scanner for the project, built by reference librarian Michael Holt, and plan to digitize all of our copies in the upcoming years. You can find the collection online here or in VSU's institutional repository Vtext.  Click here for the RSS feed to stay updated on new issues.

President's Annual Reports for Valdosta State, 1911-2006

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All of Valdosta State's President's Annual Reports are now completely digitized and available for download! After a monumental effort of scanning and processing over 4400 pages, we are pleased to bring you this extensive collection. The annual reports of the President to the Chancellor of the University System of Georgia extensively cover the history of Valdosta State University in illuminating detail. The reports first begin in 1911 as handwritten minutes, when the founders and first board of trustees met regularly at the Valdosta Hotel to discuss their vision for a college that would serve the region. The reports span the years between 1911 and 2006. Every significant change is covered, as Valdosta State rose from its modest beginnings as the South Georgia State Normal College, to the Georgia State Woman's College, to Valdosta State College, and finally to the regional university we know and love today. The reports include detailed statistics for enrollment, salaries, and budgets. Faculty members, faculty publications, student organizations, special visitors, building construction, land acquisitions, disciplinary actions,  and many other topics are covered. The President's Annual Reports for Valdosta State offer unprecedented access to the rich history of the college. Browse and search the Annual Reports on Vtext, our institutional repository.

New Yearbook Available! The Pine Cone, 1963: The Golden Year

posted Oct 28, 2013, 1:00 PM by Valdosta State Archives

Step back into 1963 at Valdosta State!  The 1963 Pine Cone is now available online.

Valdosta State College Herbarium Slides (1950s - 1960s)

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Herbarium Slides Button
The VSU Archives acquired an old, large, steel photograph-slide vault from the attics of the VSU biology department in 2012.  Inside were hundreds of slides depicting the plant life of the Southeastern United States, Georgia, and the Wiregrass region.. Many of these herbarium slides were purchased by the college for study and cannot be published. However, over 500 of these slides were taken by unidentified members of the Biology Department at VSC between the mid-1950s and the late 1970s. These images have not seen the light of day in decades and are now available for your viewing pleasure.  A special thanks to Archives student worker Ashley N. Paul for scanning and digitization.

Help! If you are a botanist or just a plant lover and you recognize any of the plants (people, or locations) please comment on the images.  For information on the Valdosta State University herbarium, click here.

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