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                         CALL FOR PAPERS
                  Fifth Working Conference on
            Verified Software: Theories, Tools, and Experiments
                          (VSTTE 2013)
                  May 17--19, 2013, Atherton, California

The Fifth IFIP Working Conference on Verified Software: Theories,
Tools, and Experiments follows a successful inaugural working
conference at Zurich in 2005 followed by conferences in Toronto
(2008), Edinburgh (2010), and Philadelphia (2012).  The goal of this
conference is to advance the state of the art in the science and
technology of software verification, through the interaction of theory
development, tool evolution, and experimental validation.

Scope: We welcome submissions describing significant advances in the
production of verified software, i.e., software that has been proved
to meet its functional specifications.  We are especially interested
in submissions describing large-scale verification efforts that
involve collaboration, theory unification, tool integration, and
formalized domain knowledge.  We welcome papers describing novel
experiments and case studies evaluating verification techniques and
technologies.  Topics of interest include education, requirements
modeling, specification languages, specification/verification
case-studies, formal calculi, software design methods, automatic code
generation, refinement methodologies, compositional analysis,
verification tools (e.g., static analysis, dynamic analysis, model
checking, theorem proving, satisfiability), tool integration,
benchmarks, challenge problems, and integrated verification

Submission: We are accepting both long (limited to 20 pages) and short
(limited to 12 pages) paper submissions.  Short submissions also cover
Verification Pearls describing an elegant proof or proof technique.
Submitted research papers and system descriptions must be original and
not submitted for publication elsewhere.  Research paper submissions
must be in LNCS format and must include a cogent and self-contained
description of the ideas, methods, results, and comparison to existing
work.  Submissions of theoretical, practical, and experimental
contributions are equally encouraged, including those that focus on
specific problems or problem domains.

Submissions that arrive late, are not in the proper format, or are too
long will not be considered.  The post-conference proceedings of VSTTE
2013 will be published by Springer-Verlag in the LNCS series.  Authors
of accepted papers will be requested to sign a form transferring
copyright of their contribution to Springer-Verlag.  The use of LaTeX
and the Springer llncs class files, obtainable from

Important Dates:
Feb 27, 2013 (firm):  Title/Abstract
Mar 6, 2013 (firm): Full paper submission
Mar 29, 2013:  Decision
May 17--19, 2013: Conference
Jun 28, 2013 (firm): Camera-ready 

School/Workshops: The conference will be colocated with the Third Summer School
on Formal Techniques, and is preceded by NFM 2013 at NASA Ames
and followed by ICSE 2013 at San Francisco.

Conference Chair: Natarajan Shankar, SRI International

Program Chairs: Ernie Cohen, Microsoft, Andrey Rybalchenko, TU Munich 

Program Committee: Josh Berdine, Ahmed Bouajjani, Marsha Chechik,
Jean-Christophe Filliatre, Silvio Ghilardi, Aarti Gupta, Arie Gurfinkel,
Andrew Ireland, Ranjit Jhala, Cliff Jones, Rajeev Joshi, Gerwin Klein,
Daniel Kroening, Gary Leavens, Xavier Leroy, Zhiming Liu, Pete
Manolios, Tiziana Margaria, David Monniaux, Peter Mueller, David
Naumann, Aditya Nori , Peter O'Hearn, Matthew Parkinson, Wolfgang
Paul, Andreas Podelski, Zhong Shao, Willem Visser, Thomas Wies, Jim
Woodcock, Kwangkeun Yi, Pamela Zave, Lenore Zuck

Publicity Chair: Sam Owre,  SRI International

Steering Committee: Tony Hoare, Andrew Ireland, Jay Misra, Natarajan
Shankar, Jim Woodcock