Submission Instructions

posted Nov 8, 2011, 8:57 AM by Jean-Christophe Filliâtre
Submissions should be sent to with subject "VSTTE 2012 Competition: your-team-name".  The submission email is limited to 5 Mb; if your submission exceeds this limit, please send us an URL to download it.  A team may send several submissions; only the latest will be evaluated.
A submission is a (possibly compressed) tarball that contains exactly one directory (named by the team, for instance). This directory should contain at least a text file named README, and one directory for each problem solved. Thus it must look like:

   team/ -+
          +- README
          +- problem1/
          +- problem2/
          +- problem3/
          +- problem4/
          +- problem5/
          +- other stuff...

The README file should contain the following information:
  • team members and contact information (email);
  • detailed description of the submitted solutions: properties that have been specified and/or proved, restrictions and/or generalizations, anything that may facilitate the review;
  • detailed instructions to replay the solutions, including the software to use, URLs to get it from, compilation commands, etc.
Several solutions can be submitted for the same problem (for instance, using different tools). They should be stored in separate subdirectories of problemI/. During evaluation, only the best-faring solution will be taken into account.