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How to...


1. Pop the tail with your back foot, this should make the front of the board pop up.

2. Slide your foot up the  board, toward the nose, but not too far, just enough to balance it out so that the board is level.

3. Land it! Make sure all 4 wheels hit the ground at the same time, or else you could land on an end to hard and fall off.

4. Roll away, feel the pleasure of knowing that you just landed an ollie, then go try it again, go for a streak! 


New in shoes,

.Es releases a new of shoe titled the Scale, stating it's the lightest skate shoe to date. For more on the Es shoe lines go to

        The Scale


.Vans releases a whole new line of shoes from Vans, Off the Wall from pros like Bucky Lasek, Geoff Roweley and Tony Trujillo, and also from bands like Iron Maiden  and Rise Against. For more on Vans visit



The Rowley Squares


 The Tnt 3's

.Etnies releases a whole whop o' new shoes. These lines include the Sheckler 2's and Arto 2's and more! For more on these lines and more head on downto                                       

The Sheckler 2's

New videos,

.Mystery releases new video titled Black and White. This video was shot completely in black and white. For more on the Mystery team and it's brother companies Zero and Fallen, head over to

.Element releases new vide entitled This is My Element, this video features the whole skate team (this icludes feates from guys like Bam Margera, Tosh Towend and Nyjah Huoston, with appearances from skaters like Bucky Lasek and Jeremy Wray). For more on the element team and their new video go to

.The very well known skaeboarding magazine Transworld Skateboarding releases a new video called "Let's do this".

.Zero releases an anthology set, celebrating their 10 year anniversary. This set features all their vids from the past 10 years, a must buy if your walking by a skateshop with a wad of cash in your pocket. so if you think Jamie Thomas rocks, or you can't get enough of Chris Cole then head on over to your local skateshop and pick it up! For more information on the Zero team head down to

.Nike SB has done it! The video that pratically everyone has been waiting for! Nothing but the Truth has been premiered and has been shipped to Nike SB dealers across the countrty! This video includes the awesome skateboard tricks of people such as Paul Rodriguez, Omar Salazar and Todd Jordan. For more info on this rockin' vid head on down to

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