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Album of the month: June


Justin: Metallica:

Black Album

Released: August 13th, 1991


1.Enter Sandman

2.Sad But True

3.Holier Than Thou

4.The Unforgiven

5.Whenever I May Roam

6.Don't Tread on Me

7.Through the Never

8. Nothing Else Matters

9.Of Wolf and Man

10.The G-d that Failed

11.My Friend of Misery

12.The Struggle Within

Arielle: My Chemical Romance--------->I Brought You My Bullets I You brought me Your Love

I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love cover

1. Romance

2.Honey This Mirror Isn't Big   Enough for Both of Us

3. Vampires Will Never Hurt You

4.  Drowning Lessons

5.  Our Lady of Sorrows

6.  Headfirst for Halos

7.  Skylines and Turnstiles

8.  Early Sunsets Over Monroeville

9.  This is the Best Day Ever

10.  Cubicles

11. Demolition Lovers



Review of the month:


Justin:Slipknot, by Slipknot

Slipknot cover

Released: June 29th 1999

Singles released: Wait and bleed (2000), Spit it out (2000)

Rating: 3 thumbs up, 6 stars!

Slipknot changed the face of metal forever, they were the ones who truely shook the world. They melted teenagers minds, and scared parents to death, basically the 2 things needed for a good heavy metal album. This 9-piece band had amazing riifs, butt kicking beats, and an amazing depths of tone.

My faveorite tracks:

1. 742617000027

2. (Sic)


4. Wait and Bleed

5. Surfacing

6. Spit It Out

7. Diluted


Artist of the   month:

Justin: Foo Fighters


Major hits:

This is a call, Everlong, My hero , Learn to fly, All my life, Times like these, Best of you, DOA, The pretender, Long road to ruin.


Foo fighters-1995

The colour and the shape-1997

Ther is nothing left to lose-1999

One by one-2002

In your honor-2005

Echoes, silence, patience & grace-2007