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5-16-2008 7:08 PM

Hi this is going to be my official first post.  This website is currently a work in progress and any positive criticism is truly welcome.

In the following posts I will post important events in the chess world and some past information that I believe every chess player should know.  I will also list several address links to help people who would like to improve their level of chess.

Any comments that I receive will be put up on this page.  If you would like to give comments then send it to the following email address: dspsp123@yahoo.com.  Thank you...

5-16-2008  7:15 pm

The only American world champion of chess has died.  This is a pretty late story, but is of critical importance to all the chess lovers in the world.

His name was Robert James Bobby Fischer...

On January 17th, 2008 he died in his home because of degenerative kidney failure.

In my most humble opinion he is one of the greatest chess players of all time and for this special reason he is on my first official post

5-16-2008  7:25 pm

For all chess players who come and visit this website in hopes of GETTING BETTER then this is the post for you.  In the following list are all of the best chess websites I have ever visited.  These sites range from beginner to intermediate and i urge you to try and become a better chess player then you already are. 

www.chessvideos.tv a stunning website I recommend to every chess player.  It has everything you ever need to know about chess

www.youtube.com/jrobichess a great website I stumbled upon when I was trying to get better in chess

www.freechess.org for this one you have to create an acount and you get the ability to play against other people in chess and try to improve your rating.

These are my top 3 for now and as I find more I shall post them.  If anyone has any suggestions for this list please email me at dspsp123@yahoo.com

5-16-2008  7:33

In this post I will tell you a little bit about myself and my chess journey.

I am currently 12 and my chess career is blossoming.  I am cureently entering chess tournaments and am planning in the next two months to acheive a rating of about 1200.

If anyone else who sees this post is interested in entering tournaments visit this website: www.uschess.org 

On the above website for a low monthly price you are able to participate in tournaments all over the world and you also receive a free subscription for chess life magazine.

Many people ask how I train and I give them the following website:


You have to create a free membership and it is truly worth it.  The heart of chess is tactics and this is the best server on the web to improve this.

5-16-2008  8:34 pm

Hey I just wanted to let you guys know about my new youtube page.  I have currently not made any videos, but in a few day I will start making and uploading new videos for you to enjoy.  If you ever want to visit my youtube page visit the following link: www.youtube.com/chessvideosfree

Oh and by the way, before I forgot I got a new mail message from someone about this website.  As I have previously said before all comments that I recieve will be put up on this page.

"Thanks for making this website please continue.  The chess sites were awesome and I told all my friends.  I just wanted to say that chess is not only for geeks and that other people can enjoy it.  For example my friends love to play chess but I do not think they are nerd because of it.  Can you make a story on this false stereotype.  Thank You!"

Samuel Richards

When I get the time I will make a story on this stereotype thanks for the comment.  It is much appreciated.

Once again if you have any feedback please email me at dspsp123@yahoo.com

Thank you! Yawn I am going to sleep and I will be sure to keep you guys updated.  I will also start a series called the chess quote of the day so be on the look out for it.  If I am still awake I might do it in 10 min.

Bye, for now...

5-16-2008  8:44 pm

The Quote Of The Day

 “Chess is life”
(Bobby Fischer)

For me chess is truly life.  Bobby Fischer really touched me when he said this.  The next post I make is the shredder chess blog. The shredder chess blog will update itself every few days.  There are 3 problems hard, difficult, and easy.  Look at the next post and try it for yourself...

5-16-2008  9:00 pm

Hope You Enjoy This Great Program!

5-16-2008  9:13 pm

 Click on the first youtube video...

If you read my bobby fischer posts you must know how I truly loved his ability to play chess.  He was idol and I have studied all of his games.  Here is a chess video memoir to him.  Thank you...

5-17-2008  1:oo pm 

This posts main topic is about the higher levels of chess.  When you become a great chess player and start to challenge people in world tournaments the desire to win is so great.  I read a  book that says if you ever really need to win a chess game you have to hate your opponent with vengeance.

I think that this this is very true.  If you do not hate your opponent, but he hates you and in doing this instills fear he has already won half the battle.  In the next following posts I will write which openings I play for black and white for most of my games.