VSSAC is a group of scientists, researchers, students and lay-people interested in volcanology. The group holds meetings throughout the year with guest speakers who lecture on selected topics in volcanology. The group also organizes field trips to areas of volcanic interest all over the world.

VSSAC was co-founded by Brian Hausback of the California Sate University, Sacramento, and Steve McNutt, now at the Alaskan Volcano Observatory. VSSAC began in 1988 as a small group of people that met every month at various restaurants in Sacramento. As VSSAC became more popular, the restaurants were no longer big enough to support the growing mass of members. VSSAC meetings were then held at the homes of members who graciously donated their space for an evening of volcanological enlightenment. In March 1997, our group began meeting at the new Geology Dept./USGS building on the campus of California State University, Sacramento. Meetings include a pot luck dinner and a lecture from a guest volcanologist.

Membership in VSSAC is available to anyone that is interested in volcanoes, professionally and otherwise. All are welcome to the monthly meetings!
Next VSSAC meeting is on Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 at 6:30pm. "Small Monogenetic Volcanoes in Idaho Using Planetary Analogs to Help Understand Volcanism on the Moon and Mars," by Dr. Scott Hughes, Idaho State University.
Click here for information about the incredible VSSAC Summer 2012 Fieldtrip to Mt. St. Helens!