Virtual Strand 2007

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Conference Blog

Presentation Schedules

Opening Ceremony & Plenary Sessions

Bernd Rüschoff [archived]

Gràinne Conole [archived]

Uschi Felix [archived]

Panel Session [archived]

Note! You will need RealPlayer to view the plenary and panel presentations

Virtual presentations (papers)

Agnes Kukulska-Hulme & Lesley Shield

Isabel Pérez Torres

Vance Stevens

Virtual Strand Discussion Group



This Website is a work-in-progress whose content may change from time to time - so, please do visit from time to time.

This page is where you'll find links to:

  • the conference blog which will offer reports and reflections concerning presentations and social events during the conference. These may be text, audio or photographic entries.
  • You can also access the Blobber* chat tool from the conference blog. Blobber is accessed from the four tabs on the right side of the blog page. You can use this tool to text chat with each other in real time.

    *Blobber requires Windows and Internet Explorer 5.5 or above.
    Online presentation sessions will employ Blobber.

  • On each page of this website, you will find a link (via the black and green Yaplet/Chat Now icon) to Yaplet.

    This chat tool is compatible with many different browsers, so you are not restricted to using Internet Explorer. If you want to try it out, just click on the Yaplet button, enter the name you wish to be known by, and start chatting.

    If we experience any problems with Blobber, Yaplet is the back-up solution. Unlike Blobber, Yaplet does not support the sharing of urls in an attached window.

  • a Virtual Strand discussion list.
  • Sometimes you may wish to use this because timezone differences can make it difficult to talk to other delegates in real time. You will be automatically invited to join this list and we hope you will use it to chat with each other.
  • streamed and archived versions of plenary presentations
  • online papers
Several different documents are related to this website. We have now created a Resources page where you can find:
  • instructions for using Yaplet
  • an introduction to blogging for the EuroCALL 2007 Virtual Strand
  • activities for the pre-conference workshop

If you have any technical problems with the Virtual Strand, please contact the HelpDesk(available times can be viewed on the HelpDesk page). Please remember, though, that the HelpDesk will not be able to help you if it is your internet connection that is causing difficulty!

We hope you will enjoy your visit to the Virtual Strand of EuroCALL 2007!