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The FLVS Virtual Science Fair (VSF) was created to promote a real life scientific experience for our students. This exciting student activity encourages students to think like young scientists. Students that enter the VSF will participate in independent science research by designing their own science project that uses the scientific method to answer a question or solve a problem. Generally, students will have from October to early January to complete all aspects of their project. A virtual open house and online project presentations will be held in January with top placing projects advancing to the Dr. Nelson Ying Orange County Science Exposition along with the potential to earn various awards, prizes and scholarships. The VSF is open to all Florida Virtual School students in Middle School and High School including those enrolled in FLVS-Full Time, FLVS- Part Time and FLVS Global School (if they have not competed in any other ISEF-affiliated fair in the same school year.) 

The 2015-2016 Science Fair season is already underway. Students interested in participating in the VSF (for 2016-2017) should begin by reading the VSF Getting Started, Expectations, Timeline, and How to Enter. Students may begin research on potential project ideas, however, experiments cannot be started until after VSF project approval in October 2016. 

Science Fair News....

 March 2016 - State Science and Engineering Fair of FL Results

FLVS student Uma Menon, 8th grade,  won a First Place Category Award in Plant Science. Uma was also award the following special awards $100 cash award from Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services and $350 cash award from Florida Association of Food Protection. Congratulations Uma!

February 2016 - Dr. Nelson Ying Orange County Science Exposition Fair Results

Uma Menon was awarded First place for her Plant Sciences (middle school) project: “The Ferocious Yellow Dragon: Citrus Greening Disease.” She advances to state competition in March and also qualified for the Broadcom Masters competition. 

Jared Bryan received Honorable Mention for his Biomedical & Health Sciences – (middle school) project, “Are Whitening Products Worth the Money?” 

Adrianna White won Third Place for her Earth & Environmental Sciences (high school) project, “What Are You Drinking? An Analysis of Free Chlorine in Drinking Water Across North America.” Adrianna also received the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration award and The Stockholm Junior Water Prize. She will also advance to a state competition involving outstanding water-related projects.

January 2016 - 10th Annual Virtual Science Fair Results
Congratulations to Adrianna, Uma and Jared. They will be invited to advance to the Dr. Nelson Ying Orange County Science Expo!

1st Place:  Adrianna White - Analysis of Free Chlorine in Tap Water and Health Effects
2nd Place: Uma Menon - Ferocious Yellow Dragon: Citrus Greening Disease 
3rd Place:  Jared Bryan - Are Whitening Products Worth the Money?

April 2015  - State Science & Engineering Fair of Florida Results
​Jillian Hanley, 11th grade, advanced to the State Science & Engineering Fair of Florida with her project "Effects of Beach Nourishment on Loggerhead Sea Turtle Hatching Rates".  She attended States March 31 - April 2, and was awarded 4 special awards. Jillian's awards included:
  • a four year, $84,000 scholarship to Florida Institute of Technology;  
  • a summer scholarship to attend Florida Atlantic University's  "H20 to Go" summer research institute; 
  • a $25 cash award from Monroe Regional Science and Engineering Fair; and 
  • a $100 cash award from the SCUBAnauts International Education through Exploration Award.