Four-dimensional modeling, quasicrystal tilings, self-assembling systems and the geometry that connects them.


QuasiSculpt is myCPSC 503 project. It is being supervised by Professor Marina Gavrilova at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary.

Project description

QuasiSculpt was an attempt to augment Wings 3d with a system for visualizing four dimensional objects using projective geometry methods, and then to utilize that system to investigate the applications of quasicrystal tilings for creating artificial two-dimensional self-assembling systems. It evolved into an investigation of tiling theory and quasiperiodic tilings and their possible applications to the aforementioned self-assembling systems.



Project proposal and reading list: [pdf] [html]

Final paper: [pdf]

Presentation time and location: Friday, 12:00 April 13, ICT 618B