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Welcome to the collection of images that were mainly taken by Joseph A. Meinhard from 1949 to 1952. My father was one of the "few" Flying Midshipmen who had the want and nerve to put up with little pay to do a hazardous job, fly WWII TBM Avengers during the dawn of the jet age. On this site I have assembled a small collection of images from his tour in the United States Navy from Midshipman to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Many of these images were scanned recently using a Nikon Coolscan slide scanner. They were taken from 1949 and on. I hope that you enjoy the site. It is my intention to write a book soon on these images and the men who served with my Dad during his tour.

This site is under construction and will be updated as time allows. Some information on this site is due in part of my Dad's shipmate's Joe Storey and Jack Wink. With out some of their memories some of the information would be inaccurate and incomplete. I am in great gratitude for their service to this country and serving along side my Dad. Thanks gentlemen.

The Squadron Patch 1951.

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