CS498 VR Final Project: The Zombie Shooting Game VR

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You are the last one alive in the foggy village at midnight. Surrounded by zombies, your only way to survive is to kill them all...

In the Zombie Shooting Game VR, we move the traditional FPS zombie shooting scenes into the world of VR. Players can fully immerse into the virtual world and enjoy the thrill of killing zombies. 

Immersive and Fun Environment

    The village is composed of a dusty terrain and broken houses downloaded from the unity store. Mountains are surrounding the village so that players cannot escape. Houses are arranged in a way of which players can take advantage to dodge zombie waves. 
    The night scene is created by the reverse light source. 

Smart Zombies

    This zombie model is adapted from the Unity Assets Store. Zombie-style walking animation is applied to all the zombies. We also have implemented an simple AI for zombies. When you are within a range, zombies will spot you and keep track of your position and walking towards you. When you are out of range, Zombie will just walk faster (about 5 times) rather than walking according a route calculated by a complicated AI, which could greatly reduce the calculation per frame in order to increase FPS. Then zombies will start attack you when they are close enough.

First Person Game Play

    The fog is created by a block of white particles that moves as you move. The first person experience is created by putting the assault rifle in front of the camera and updating location as the cinema moves. When player is attacked, blood stains will be displayed on the screen to indicate the degree of damage taken. You could take medikit across map to recover.

Visualizing Health Bar & Medikit 

    Instead of traditional health bar appear on the screen, we use similar visualized health bar at Call of Duty. When using VR glass, we will be uncomfortable if we need to stare at the lower left corner for check health bar. That experience is like trying to stare at your typing hand now without hand movement. Another reason for the health system is that visualized health on the screen could make you more immersed at our zombie world!


The rifle, bullet shells and sound effects are imported from the Assets Store. There are different animations for the rifle when player is shooting and reloading. The rifle idles when player is moving to create the walking effect. The number of available bullets in the magazine is stored in the script. There is damage associated with each bullet, and the zombies will explode after taking many bullets!


Inputs are taken from the Oculus Headset and the XBOX controller. The position and rotation tracking feature allow players to look at any direction at any time without restrictions. The XBOX controller provides other inputs such as movements, jump, reload and moving the screen. 

Our Team

Yunhan Ma     Haoming Lai    Rohit Sanbhadti    Haolin Zheng