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Lynchburg, Virginia



Left:    Charlotte and Aubrey representing Lynchburg citizens at the turn of the 20th century for  the bicentennial parade of the historic Old City Cemetery, November 2006.      Right:   Aubrey   with   his second   annual   Virginian   Ry.   Calendar, fresh from the  press,   September 2006.    Each fall has seen the production of another issue. They are sold around the world! 



Charlotte and Aubrey, two happy people at Nags Head, NC!     




Charlotte and Aubrey took turns sitting in the engineer's seat of a Norfolk Southern Railway locomotive during an Open House at the railroad's shops in Roanoke, Va. Sept. 8, 2007. We think we look pretty natural!



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     There are many thresholds in life. Maybe goals or mileposts are better words.  For me, some of these thresholds and goals would be, but not in order;  learning to walk, the first day in school, learning to drive, high school graduation, college graduation, finding the right person to be your partner, the birth of a child, having good, dependable friends, the years of a good career(s), serving and helping  our fellow man,  good health, retirement and peace.

     As I  grow, I have found several phrases to be true and important. Some are mine and some are borrowed and  I will share them nonetheless. 

1.) "You are never to old to have a happy childhood."   My point here is to always live, love and laugh.

2.) "When in doubt, rephrase."  This one used to refer to my poor spelling but  as I am now older, it is good advice for many situations before  one speaks words that can never be retracted. 

3.) "Lead, Follow, or Oh Well!"  This is my way of saying that  all people have their  own abilities and needs.  Respect that! Don't try to change them!

 Darn, I wish I could always remember to do these things!

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    My Jobs

  • From six years old, I have been spellbound by trains. In the picture on the left I am operating my Lionel model trains when about 8 or 10 years old. The right picture shows a typical tractor trailer of my family's business. I started driving these old monsters before I oculd drive a car!

  • As I assembled and organized this material, then create and write these pages,  I realized that in essence, I am doing my autobiography.  A person can read and learn about my life and what is important to me as they waste otherwise perfectly good time.

    I have structured the other web pages into the  phases of my life.  And a major part of everyone's life is how ones passes the years earning a living.  My first paid job was working as a sales clerk at Baldwin's Department Store on Main Street in Lynchburg, Virginia, starting during the Christmas season of my 13th year. In order to work at such an early age, I had to obtain a special work permit and abide by its restrictions. It should be no surprise that my sales job was in the store's "Toyland," specifically selling Lionel trains!  So I joined the workforce in 1956 and continued working until medical situations changed it all in 2003. 

    Maybe the best way to meander through those 48 years of employment is by a simple timeline. 

    1956-1960 - Baldwin's Department Store- sales clerk.

    1957-1974 - O.C.Wiley&Sons, family trucking company-laborer and driver.

    1961-1963 - Ferrum Junior College - student for associate degree. (A.A. degree in Education)

    1961-1962 - Summer employment with Southern Railway System as an extra  "Agent, Operator, Leverman, Telegrapher" Danville Division

    1963-1989 - Lynchburg News & daily Advance newspaper - photographer, writer, chief photographer, picture editor.

    1963-1989 - Stringer for Associated Presss and United Press International.

    1963-1989 - Free Lance Public Relations and Photographic business.

    1988-1989 - Lynchburg College - student for undergraduate degree. B.A. degree with major in History and minor in Art History)

    1990-1996 - Lynchburg College student for graduate degree. (M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction Education -gifted)

    1989-1999 - Asst. Professor Lynchburg College.

    1990-2003 - Lynchburg City Schools - teacher and department chair. Subjects: World Cultures, U.S. History, European History.

    1992-2002 - Tour Leader for 20 educational tours to Europe: Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein.

    2005 - Officially medically retired!

    Along my adventures and careers, I have been blessed with several forms of appreciation and recognition. When a photojournalist, my work was published in virtually every major daily newspaper in America as well as those in many foreign countries. Various professional journalism, history, teaching and art organizations and associations have honored me with awards.  As a teacher, some awards stand out. First in my regard is my school's student body voting me "Nicest Teacher."  Then there was the award from the  Council of Native Americans who recognized me for my teaching methods in depicting their history with the awarding of my Indian name, "Gentle Wind."  Also having my name inscribed on a "Wall of Fame" at the National Civil Rights Museum in Alabama is very meaningful for me. And of course, there are plaques  that are nice expressions for Alumnus of the Year from Lynchburg College, Virginia History Teacher of the Year and so on. But my most cherished ones are the first three I have singled out.