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Google Maps interior photoshoot is a one time charge of
 $150 set up plus $30 per panorama, minimum 5. See Portfolio
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Google Maps photoshoot is probably the best money spent during the life of a business

Google Map’s tours e

xist on your website, found on searches, emailed, Facebooked etc. Enjoy.

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Wow! The best two values on the planet are Google Maps Street View for business & Youtube. Both hosted for free for years to come.
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Hello my name is Mark Holdridge, Producer of content and manager of domestic & international accounts involving YouTube, Google Maps and web sites.
A Google Certified Photographer & producer for Google Maps Street View program.
Owner of Market Promotions since 1982, also historian, pilot & aerial photographer.
See a sample showing directional sound effects. Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Completed 2011, Brave New Workshop facilities in Minneapolis
Over one hundred virtual tours D''s catering and restaurants.
See this web site and take a virtual tour of this home in Costa Rica
Enjoy this movie showing some of my creations.
See this 1992 historical movie or more on my  historical business. 
My passion for the art of online exploration comes from being a map maker & creator of web sites for resorts & developments. Before Google Earth and Google Maps I invented aerial interfaces like this tour of Costa Rica's SW Coast
Take advantage of the billions of dollars spent on the Google Maps platform every year. 
Pay a one time fee for years of coverage online!


The center images are 50 mile aerial coastal images, the rest are movies and virtual tours. 
Produced in 2003 before Google Earth or Maps for Costa Rica's aerial interactive multi media tour.

 Why connect a business to Google Maps and Street View
 Mark Holdridge / Historian news story on Channel 11

YouTube Video


YouTube Video

When you are found, let them look around!

Grand Rounds, Summer Concerts, Dog Parks

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