A Library of Heuristics for the Vehicle Routing Problem

  • VRPH is an open source C++ package for the Vehicle Routing Problem
  • It was developed as part of Chris Groer's dissertation while at the University of Maryland with advisor Bruce Golden (http://www.lib.umd.edu/drum/handle/1903/9011)
  • VRPH is now hosted by COIN-OR and the latest source code can be obtained from http://www.coin-or.org/projects/VRPH.xml
  • VRPH is
    • A modular, well-documented library of local search heuristics for generating solutions to the VRP
    • A freely available set of software that offers a command line interface to generate high quality solutions to properly formatted benchmark and real world VRP instances
    • A library that contains the building blocks to create metaheuristic algorithms for the VRP.
    • Able to interface with the PLPlot library to produce a variety of 2-D colorful plots of VRP solutions (such as the solution to Taillard_385 above)
    • Able to interface with SYMPHONY's exact VRP solver to provide an initial upper bound
    • Able to interface with mixed integer programming solvers through the COIN-OR Open Solver Interface to allow one to generate VRP solutions by solving a set partitioning problem
    • Not able to prove the optimality of  solutions to a VRP instance
  • If you have questions/comments, please contact cgroer.gmail.com
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