Five Reasons to Use Flickr

  1. Use images legally
  2. The Commons on Flickr
  3. Flickr toys - Big Huge Lab offers an incredible array of things that you can do with your photos!
  4. A Flickr account makes it oh so easy to include a photo in a blog posting including the attribution.
  5. Plays nicely with Blogger, Google Sites, Wordpress, and others.

Photopreneur offers 36 Reasons Flickr is a Photographer's Ultimate Tool.

You can do fun things on Animoto with your Flickr photos!


Flickr Guide:  How to Do Everything with Flickr

Wow!  Amit Agarwal on his blog Digital Aspritations offers great tips and suggests assorted utilities to make Flickr sing.  Well may not sing, but how to do such things as download pictures from Flickr to a  DVD, other Flickr search tools including one that let you search by color, and other very cool stuff.

Artist's Guide to Flickr

Natasha Wescoat brings an artist's perspective to making use of social media in her posts on Mashable, which is a great source (although a bit overwhelming!) for keeping up with latest social media news and tools along with how-tos and tips for using them.