Version 2.1 of Generic Preferred Product Profile (gPPP) for vaccines.

After a public consultation period, the gPPP was reviewed by VPPAG members and version 2.1 is released. As this is a living document, further recommendations will be made once work programme items are complete.

NOTE: In 2010, WHO launched a Programmatic Suitability for Pre-Qualification (PSPQ) process, which incroprates many of the suggestions made in the gPPP. VPPAG supports the PSPQ process and is committed to ensuring that its work feeds into and supports that process.

VPPAG strongly believes in the importance of the gPPP and of developing clear, evidence based recommendations for future presentation and packaging of vaccines. As the PSPQ process roles out, the focus of the gPPP will be revised, and updated accordingly.

Aug 28, 2009, 12:43 AM