Vincenzo Pezone

Email v.pezone [at]

Cell +31 13 466 2215

Address Department of Finance

Tilburg University

5000 LE Tilburg

The Netherlands

I am an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Tilburg University Finance Department.

My research interests are in Corporate Finance and Behavioral Economics.

Download my CV here.


Working papers:

"Unemployment Risk and Dividend Payout Policy"

Revise and resubmit at the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

"Managerial Duties and Managerial Biases" (with Ulrike Malmendier and Hui Zheng)

Revise and resubmit at Management Science (2nd round)

"The Real Effects of Judicial Enforcement"

Reject and resubmit at Review of Finance

"The Heterogeneous Cost of Wage Rigidity: Evidence and Theory" (with Ester Faia)

Revise and resubmit at The Review of Economic Studies (2nd round)

"The Value of Firm Networks: A Natural Experiment on Board Connections" (with Ester Faia and Maximilian Mayer)

"Biases in Information Selection and Processing: Survey Evidence from the Pandemic" (with Ester Faia, Andreas Fuster, and Basit Zafar)

"The Carrot and the Stick: Bank Bailouts and the Disciplining Role of Board Appointments" (with Christian Muecke, Loriana Pelizzon, and Anjan Thakor)