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Hi and welcome! :)
Here you can find things I made for The Sims 1 game. There's a variety of stuff, since I like to do this & that lol :D hope you find something that you like.
As there is a limited space in this site, I won't move everything that was at the yahoo groups, but you can find some of the stuff that was there, plus a lot more ;)
There are also some sets that were previously shared at ArchiChiari Forum :)

I don't take requests, since time for simming is always limited and I still have a long "to do" and "to learn" list lol - and I also have a real life :D
if you have any request, my suggestion is to ask at any sim forum, and wait! ;)

my skins site:
Choco Toujours Sims

You can also follow me at my blog (but it's not sims related!)
Choco Toujours Vintage

more stuff at the yahoo groups:

objects, walls & floors Voyage dans la Lune
skins & heads Choco Toujours Sims
rugs Voyage Sims rugs
older stuff, links A Pandora'Sims Box

Happy Simming! :)