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Yvoire is a pleasant and cozy French medieval village located at the south bank of Lake Léman (also known as Lake Geneva).

I visited Yvoire in May 2007, when I traveled by train in Austria and Switzerland. The city can be reached by regular boat lines from Geneva and Lausanne in Switzerland. The historical center must be explored by foot.

This small village, which completed 700 years in 2006, is situated in a region that was considered strategic in the 14th century, when some fortifications were built. After that, it became a village of farmers and fishermen which kept well preserved historical constructions. Yvoire is a member of the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of France and has received prizes in international contests of flower decorations.

A stroll in the narrow streets of the historical center sends you back to the past. A well preserved ruin of a medieval fortification tower can be seen in one of the entrances of the village. The St. Pancras church stands out in the center of the village (below, to the right). Its foundations probably date back to the 11th century. Its onion-shaped dome was replaced recently (1989) and is made of stainless steel and gold leaves.

Yvoire, with its historical constructions and its privileged position at the banks of Lake Léman, is a dream place for the eyes of the dedicated photographer that will not be disappointed with this pleasant village.