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Warwick is a pleasant city founded in 914 as a fortification and is situated among beautiful and large fields and woods.

Warwick was the eighth city of an itinerary made in the United Kingdom in June 2008. The city is just 13 km away from Stratford-upon-Avon.

The most famous attraction is the Warwick Castle, considered one of the best and well preserved medieval castles of England. It has been inhabited since the Middle Ages and was the home of the Earls of Warwick until recently.

The first fortifications on the place are from the 10th century and the external structures is kept practically untouched since the 14th century. In the castle there are dungeons, rooms that reproduce scenes from the Middle Ages and scenes of the nobility of the 19th century. There is also the opportunity to visit a haunted part of the castle and interact with ghosts...

The major rooms contain impressive wax portraits of human figures elaborated by Tussaud Group. In the medieval part there are scenes of  a blacksmith, a group of women...

...and of preparations for war.

In the rooms that reproduce scenes with the residents of the castle in the 19th century, we can see a party appreciating the singing of lady, a smoking room...

...a maid preparing a bath, a gentleman getting ready for a reception...

...a lady reading a letter handed by a servant, a lady getting ready for a reception and a servant preparing a bath.

From the tallest tower of the castle we see privileged views of the castle itself and of beautiful views around.

From the tallest tower we can also see how the castle is integrated with the surrounding regions and the Warwick center, in the distance, where the St Mary's Collegiate Church stands out.

The surrouding areas of the castle are extremely beautiful.

A visit to Warwick and its castle on a sunny day is specital gift for those who love photography.