Voyages & Images, a photographic guide

Venice is a feast for the eyes. The city is unique for its channels, alleys, bridges, "piazzas" and one of the most important collections of works of art in museums, churches and palaces. During some days in May 2006, I had the privilege of visiting Venice and capture some images of this extraordinary city.
Venice is a city to be explored on foot. The transportation by boat must be used for long distances and for visiting the islands of Murano, Burano and Lido.
The San Marcos Square attracts a large number of visitors for its restaurants, live concerts and, mainly, for one of the most astounding groups of architectural icons of mankind. From the top of the bell tower, rebuilt in the 20th century, it is possible to have a 360 degree view of the city.

The Basilica of San Mark is one of the greatest constructions of Europe and mixes architectural styles of the east and west. The interiors are decorated with mosaics of the 12th and 13th centuries.
The Palace of the Doges (Palazzo Ducale), the ancient government headquarters, shows evidences of the rich past of the Venetian Republic in its sumptuous rooms and works of art. The Great Channel is the main way of communication of the city. It cuts Venice from the Saint Lucia train station to the San Mark Square and it is always full of vaporetos (public transportation), taxi-boats and gondolas.
Two architectural icons of the city are located close to the mouth of the Great Channel: the church of Santa Marial della Salute (below, to the left), in baroque style and the church of San Giorgio Maggiore(below, to the right), with its bell tower, which has a privileged view from San Mark Square.
The gondolas and the gondoliers nourish the dreams of the tourists and are a special attraction in Venice.
One of the best programs in the city is to get lost in the maze of alleys. In some parts of the city, away from the hordes of tourists, it is possible to observe the every day life of the Venetians.
At night, the city reveals other enchantments.
Venice possesses a unique architectural style and presents a never ending source of images for the dedicated photographer, who should consider a fine privilege the opportunity of visiting this city.