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Salzburg is the fourth largest Austrian city, capital of Salzburg State and situated amongst one of the most panoramic alpine sceneries of Europe. Originally a principality of the Holy Roman Empire, Salzburg was separated from Bavaria in the 14th century e joined Austria in 1816.

Salzburg was the second city of an itinerary made by train in Austria and Switzerland in May 2007. The attractions of the historical center can all be visited on foot.

Crossed by the Salzach River, the historical center of Salzburg is famous for its impressive e well preserved baroque architecture. The Hohensalzburg Fortress dominates the city. This is the biggest well preserved castle of central Europe.

A visit to the Hohensalzburg Fortress is mandatory. From its 122 meters of altitude, the fortress offers breath taking views of the historical center, the regions close to the city and the Alps.

Salzburg attracts, till today, tourists who wish to visit the sites which were used to shoot the 1965 film Sound of Music.

The front part of the Leopoldskron Palace was used as the residence of the Von Trapp family. The scene when the children fall in the water was filmed in the Lake Leopoldskron, in front of the palace. From the lake, we have privileged view of one of the landmarks of Salzburg: the Untersberg Mountain, situated between Germany and Austria.

The façade of Hellbrunn Palace has also been used as the residence of the Von Trapp family. Next to Hellbrunn, the Frohnburg Palace and the road in front of it were used as the back entrance of the family residence.

The glass pavilion used on the film, was reconstructed in the gardens of Hellbrunn Palace. The Residenz Square and Residenz Fountain were used in some sequences of the film with Maria.

On the film, the Mozart Bridge is crossed by Maria and the children as they stroll around the city. The entrance of Nonnberg Convent, where Maria was a novice, is shown in different takes along the film.

Maria and the children are seen dancing the gardens and stairs of Mirabell Palace on the film, scenes which still inspire new generations of fans.



The church where the marriage of Maria and Capitan Von Trapp was filmed is situated in the little town of Mondsee, not far from Salzburg. In real life, the marriage took place at the church of Nonnberg Convent.




Salzburg and its outskirts offer some unique opportunities for capturing great images. A dedicated photographer will not be disappointed with a visit to this beautiful city.