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Salisbury, situated in the valley of River Avon, is an excellent base for visiting Stonehenge. This pleasant city houses one of the most imposing cathedrals of Europe, built in the Middle Ages.

Salisbury was the eleventh city of an itinerary made in the United Kingdom in June 2008. The center of Salisbury can be explored on foot. There is a bus service that links the center of the city to the Stonehenge monument.

Built along thousand of years, since 5,000 years BC, Stonehenge is the most famous pre-historic monument of Europe. After extensive research, it is not known for sure what kind of ritual took place in the monument. Apparently the circular constructive form is related to the sun and the passage of the seasons.

The people who took care of the monument, along thousands of years had a good knowledge of mathematics and astronomy. These people, though, are not related to the druids - priests that lived in England in the times of the Celts, more than a thousand years after the conclusion of the monument.

The place is visited by crowds of tourists. Nevertheless, the central area, limited by ropes, is a free territory only for the birds.

The area around Salisbury has many pre-historic sites. An investment is being made by local authorities to insert Stonehenge in a broader context, allowing a better understanding of the peoples who lived there for thousands of years.

The magnificent Salisbury Cathedral was built in beginning of the 13th century. The tower, with 121 meters of altitude, is the highest of England. Considering the engineering techniques of that time, the construction of the tower was much more challenging than the construction of a modern sky-scrapper.

The main nave of the cathedral is impressive for its grandiosity and architecture style.

The cathedral keeps one of the four copies of the Magna Carta, a historic document from 1215 which limited, for the first time, some rights of the king of England in the name of law. The Magna Carta is the most influent document that led to the development of the concept of constitutional law.




A visit to Salisbury, to its pleasant parks and to Stonehenge monument will not disappoint the dedicated photographer.