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Known as the City of the Dreaming Spires because of the reunion of the towers of the colleges, Oxford is world famous for its university, the oldest of the English-speaking world.

Oxford was the nineth city of an itinerary made in United Kingdom in June 2008. The center of the city, where most of the colleges are located, can be explored on foot.

There are 36 colleges in the center of the city. Some allow visits, some not, and not all of them are open for visit during the whole year.

Below, on the right, we can see the Radcliffe Camera which is, presently, the reading room of the Bodleiam Library (on the center). The library was founded in 1602 and receives a copy of all books published in Britain. On the right we can see some college students with their traditional gowns.


Below, on the left, an image of the All Souls College, founded in 1438. On the right, we can see a copy of the Bridge of Sighs of Venice, linking two buildings of the Hertford College.

The Christ Church College, the largest of Oxford, was founded in 1546 by Henry VIII, and graduated 16 British prime ministers in the last 200 years. Many scenes from the Harry Potter films have been shot within the traditional college.

In the great hall the meals are served for the teachers and students, in a traditional and formal way.

The impressive college chapel, started to be built in the 12th century and is also the diocese's cathedral of Oxford.

The Botanical Garden of the city, the oldest of England, is very nice and appropriate for quiet strolls.

The River Cherwell, a tributary of the Thames, crosses the Botanical Garden and can be navigated with boats for rent close to the Magdalen Bridge.





The buildings in Oxford, which reflect every English architectural period since the 10th century, offer many opportunities for capturing nice images.