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Lucerne is a pleasant city that represents the image of a typical Swiss city, with its narrow old streets, towers, covered bridges, springs and buildings with frescoes. Situated among an exuberant nature environment, the city is one of the most visited towns of Switzerland.

Lucerne was the fifth city of an itinerary made by train in Austria and Switzerland in May 2007. The city is located at the north end of Lake Lucerne. The center of the city is relatively compact and can be explored on foot.

In the center of the city we can find many historical constructions like the Hofkirch (below, to the right), the main church of the city; the Church of the Jesuits (below, to the center) of baroque style and the rectangular tower of the Altes Rathaus (below, to the right) - the old city hall - of renaissance style.

The River Reuss, which drains Lake Lucerne, cuts the center of the city. Hotels, restaurants and historical buildings line on both banks of the river, composing a remarkable architectural style.

Two covered wooden footbridges cross the River Reuss, close to the historical center. The famous Chapel Bridge (below to the left), with its octagonal tower, crosses the river diagonally and is the symbol of Lucerne. It is one of the most preserved wooden bridges of Switzerland. The Mills Bridge (below, to the right) was built in 1407 and is one of the oldest covered wooden bridges of Europe.


In the historical center we still can find many buildings with timber framing structures and with painted façades.



The areas around both banks of the River Reuss attract many visitors and offer great opportunities for capturing images.

The region around the Lake Lucerne is famous for its scenery and for the bucolic villages along its banks.

A visit to the Mount Pilatus, 15km south of Lucerne, is very appreciated by the tourists. At 2,100 meters of altitude, visitors find two hotels, restaurants and leisure areas.

From the top of Mount Pilatus we can see a panoramic view of Lucerne and the mountains with snow-capped peaks all year round.


The dedicated photographer will not be disappointed with a visit to Lucerne and the regions around the city.