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London is a cosmopolitan city, with historical, architectural and cultural references at each corner. The visitor is impacted by quantity and quality of works of art, spread over museums, palaces and churches and by the respect to historical traditions.

In spite of all that, I realized that I was really in London, in May 2005, when I heard the unique sound of the chimes of the Big Ben watch tower.

Moving around the city becomes easy after figuring out the maze of the efficient subway lines. Another option is to use the well behaved red buses that cover the whole city.


Listing what can not be missed in London may be an impossible task, considering different tastes and preferences. Some attractions, however, would be on the list of most visitors.

The British Museum has a huge collection of historical objects and works of art from all civilizations since ancient times. For some people the opportunity to visit the British Museum would justify a trip to London.

A visit to the Tower of London allows the visitor to know the historical events that have taken place inside its medieval walls along the centuries. There you can also find the jewelry of the British crown.


A cruise in the Thames River allows the observation of the city on both banks and the bridges that cross the river. The most famous of them is the Tower Bridge, an engineering and architectural monument recognized as one of the symbols of London and the United Kingdom

The Westminster Abbey is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of Europe. There the visitor finds the tombs of many British monarchs and historical personalities like Newton.



London has some of the most beautiful urban parks of Europe. In the Hide Park, at the central part of the city, the visitor can appreciate the impressive monument in honor of Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria.




If you have time, visit the most famous pedestrian crossing of the world in Abbey Road, immortalized in the cover of a Beatles album, and leave your message on the indentification plaque.

A large number of monuments can be found in the city, like the one situated in front of the Buckingham Palace.
Well and, of course, there are the luxury department stores like Harrods, the restaurants and the pubs.
London may not be considered essentially a photogenic city, but the trained eye of the photographer will always find interesting subjects.