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Liverpool, with its famous waterfront on River Mersey, is one of the main ports of England and a great industrial center. In the reign of Queen Victory, the city was the main commercial port of the United Kingdom. From the 20th century on, the city gained additional notoriety for being the cradle of the Beatlemania which spread all over the world.

Liverpool was the fifth city of an itinerary made in the United Kingdom in June 2008. The city extends itself over a large area and the attractions are far from each other, requiring the use of public transportation. The waterfront area can be explored on foot.

Three great constructions (images below), named the Three Graces, stand out on the city waterfront: the Royal Liver Building, with the birds on its top, the Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpoll Building. These impressive constructions were built in the beginning of the 20th century to impress those sailing into or out of the port.

The waterfront area offers good opportunities for capturing images as the detail of the top of the Royal Liver Building (below, on the left) and boats in contrast with buildings close to the waterfront (below, on the right).

The Albert Dock was built in 1846, passed through a long period of decline and was completely renovated and refurbished. Today it houses stores, restaurants, cafes and the Tate Liverpool and Beatles Story museums.

By hiring one of the available excursions, we can visit the main places related to the Beatles history, like the house where Jonh Lennon lived from 1945 to 1963 (on the left).

Below, from left to right, the house where George Harrison was born, the house where Paul McCartney lived and wrote the first songs with John Lennon and the street where Ringo Starr was born



Below, on the left, the entrance gate of the famous Strawberry Field. John Lennon played here, in his childhood, when the property belonged to the Salvation Army. Below, on the right, the street plate of the not less famous Penny Lane.

And, ending the excursion, we can visit the new Cavern Club (images below), built beside the original old club (which was demolished) in Mathew Street, in the center of the city.

Liverpool can not be considered a photogenic city. But, there is no "bad weather" for a photographer!

If you look for, you will find interesting subjects like a small Beatles souvenir store (on the left), the last rays of the sun over the buildings of the central region (below, on the left) and the city skyline at dusk (below, on the right)