Voyages & Images, a photographic guide

Economical and cultural center of western Áustria, Innsbruck is a beautiful city surrounded by the Alps. Capital of the state of Tirol, the city has already been the center of the Holy Roman Empire in the 15th and 16th centuries. Today it is an important center of winter sports, but visited all year round.

Innsbruck was the third city of an itinerary made by train in Austria and Switzerland in May 2007. The historical center is compact e must be explored on foot. The nearby attractions can be visited using the public transportation.


The Maria Theresia Street (images below), in the center of the city, is the main street. The historical center is situated on the north extremity of the street. On the south extremity is situated the Triumphal Arch, inspired on those of Rome.

In the Maria Theresia Street (left) is situated the St. Anna's Column, built in 1706. On the left, a detail of the base of the column with the mountains the surround the city as background.


In the historical center (images below) we can find buildings from various periods of history, restaurants e commerce. The architectural style of the buildings and the contrast with the Alps mountains offer excellent subjects for photography.

One of the most photographed attractions of the historical center is the Golden Roof (left) - a luxury three stage balcony, where the emperor Maximilian I used to watch the tournaments on the square bellow.



The City Tower (right), also situated in the historical center, is a former prison built in the 15th century. From its top it is possible to appreciate the view of the center, the surrounding areas and the mountains around.


The St. James Cathedral (left), of baroque style, was heavily damaged during the Second World War and was totally restored.


The city is situated very close to Alps Mountains, offering beautiful views in every direction. Therefore, a visit to Innsbruck will not disappoint the dedicated photographer.