Voyages & Images, a photographic guide 

The first impression of a visitor of Glasgow is that it is a modern city. Without picturesque castles and palaces, the city represents the urban face of a cosmopolitan Scotland.

Glasgow was the third city of an itinerary made in United Kingdom in June 2008. The city is very large and its attractions are distant from each other, so public transportation like the subway and buses should be used.

Victorian constructions in the central region (below, on the left), medieval ones like Glasgow cathedral (on the center) and modern ones like the Science Center (on the right) can be found side by side.

The central region offers a lot of opportunities for capturing images.

The construction of the Glasgow Cathedral started in the 13th century and it is the best preserved medieval cathedral of Scotland. Differently from other cathedrals of the country, this one survived almost intact to the protestant reform, keeping most of its original characteristics.


The impressive and well preserved nave of the cathedral is divided in two parts (below images).

Close to the River Clyde we can find two modern constructions: the Glasgow Science Centre (below, on the left) and the Centre of Conferences and Expositions of Scotland (below, on the right), frequently compared to the Sidney Opera Theatre, Australia.

The Glasgow Tower, with 127 meters of altitude, is part of the group of buildings of the Glasgow Science Centre. The structure revolves automatically according to the direction of the wind. From its top we can see (below) the region close to River Clyde, with the centre of conferences on the left bank and the science center on the right bank.

Getting the urban train, we can go to village of Balloch, that is situated close to Lake Lomond, the largest of Scotland. One of the most appreciated attractions by the visitors is to make a cruise on the lake.


Other attraction of the region is the Balloch Castle Country Park beside Lake Lomond (images below). Following very nice trails on the woods through fields of wild flowers...

... we can get to the Balloch Castle, built in 1808 on the place of an older one from the 13th century. The castle is situated at the top of a hill with a privileged view of the lake.

Do not let yourself be driven by opinions that Glasgow and the surrounding regions offer few opportunities for capturing interesting images because the trained eye of the photographer is always capable of finding hidden treasures.