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The city of Chester, founded by the Romans in the 1st century, is one of the most interesting medieval cities of England.

Distant 31km from Liverpool, Chester was the sixth city of an itinerary made in the United Kingdom in June 2008. The historical center must be explored on foot.

The city still keeps 3km of a fortified wall around the historical center, which links different regions of the city and is used by locals and tourists.

Eastgate is the main entrance to the historical center (central image below), where we can find the Eastgate Clock. A stroll along the wall is an excellent opportunity for capturing very nice images, besides being a pleasant experience.

Although there are some constructions from the middle ages, most of the buildings are from the Victorian era, forming a peculiar architectural style.

Most of the area inside the walls forms a large open air shopping center. Sophisticated stores are side-by-side with simpler ones. There are also some nice restaurants.

Also inside the walled central area we can find the beautiful Chester Cathedral, founded in 1092 as a Benedictine abbey and transformed into an Anglican Church in 1541. Some gargoyles can be seen around the church.

Chester and the region around offer very nice images for the photographer. The opportunities are not only inside the walls ...

... but also around the city.