Voxalytic produces microcoils from very fine insulated gold or copper wire with a diameter of 25 µm to 50 µm. The microwire is wrapped into a solenoid around a microscale post that is formed on a technical substrate. The posts can have diameters between 150 µm and 2 mm. The wire ends of the coil are automatically bonded to metal conductors that are pre-patterned on the substrate.

Voxalytic's microcoils are accurately formed true solenoids, with precise electrical and magnetic properties.

Voxalytic's process makes it possible to form many hundreds of microcoils side-by-side on a single substrate. The coils can be delivered either hollow, or filled with technical materials, for example using dispensing equipment.

Voxalytic's  technology has resulted in numerous scientific publications which are listed here.

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