Voxalytic's microcoils are used for a variety of scientific and technical applications:
  • Passive micro-inductors for electrical circuits.
  • Magnetic micro actuation of small magnetic parts.
  • Micro sized transformers for power transmission, DC-DC conversion, and isolation.
  • Radio frequency (RF) micro-resonators for resonant sensors and actuators, such as NMR, MRI and ESR/DNP transmit-receive detectors, as well as for general RF building blocks.
  • Inductive micro-detectors, for example for proximity detection.
Beside our standard products, microcoils can be delivered in a variety of geometrical arrangements as required by special applications, for small, medium, or high volume:
  • Micro-coil pairs, for gradient fields, or for microparticle manipulation.
  • Coaxial micro-coil pairs, for micro levitation, or actuation.